Hey, “How You Doin?”

Since our wedding day, Andrew and I have been overwhelmed at the continuous and unconditional support we have received from family and friends. We are often asked how we are doing, and as the FRIENDS fanatic that I am this video instantly came  to my mind. Not to mention, the first two weeks we lived in our new home without cable– Joey, Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Monica, and Chandler became constant companions in the White household!

Andrew and I are LOVING married life! After battling distance for the entirety of our relationship, it is so nice to finally be in the same town let alone the same home. We are learning so much more about each other on a daily basis, and everyday seems to prove that I married the man God designed especially for me! Andrew is hard at work every day to “bring home the bacon” or chicken? Either way, the moment he walks through the door after work has become my favorite part of the day! (He’s way more likely to drive to Char Grill to retrieve me a chocolate milkshake than I am– he is a good, good man!) It has been such a sweet month and a half settling into our home in Raleigh, finding a church home together, and simply living life with one another. I wouldn’t trade the time we’ve had for the world!

For those of you that may not know, Andrew and I are growing our family by two! We are expecting identical twin girls in January. You can read all about it here: https://marykwhite.wordpress.com/our-story/.

As for an update on the girls, Andrew and I have decided on two names! Amelia Grace White and Leah Katherine White– both names are a combination of family names. We love these two names, and with prayerful consideration we declared them for our two sweet babies! Since our move to Raleigh, I have been seeing our physicians every two weeks for an ultrasound. Due to carrying mono-mono twins and having a high-risk pregnancy, this means more doctor’s visits and ultrasounds. Believe me, Andrew and I do not mind because we get to hear those precious heart beats and get a LOT of pictures! The biggest “update” surrounding the girls and I is our upcoming move to Chapel Hill. In four to six weeks, I will be admitted to UNC Hospital where the girls and I will be monitored on a daily basis. These monitored tests will be ran to keep an eye on the babies activity and their heartbeats. With mono-amniotic twins, the highest risk is cord entanglement. The bigger the babies grow, the more at risk we are for the two cords to become entangled. We are praying those two cords stay away from one another!! Therefore, as I am admitted into UNC at possibly Week 28 (the first of November), our goal is for me to stay pregnant anywhere between Week 32 and Week 34. Now who is to say this will happen? It is up to the Ultimate Physician! Andrew and I are focusing one day at a time, one bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch at a time, and one chocolate milkshake at a time. As dedicated Wolfpack fans, we count it a blessing for every ballgame I successfully attend!

Both babies growth are ON POINT though– can I get a PTL?! We had a doctor’s visit this morning and each baby weighs a little more than 1 lb. and they are healthy, healthy, healthy. It makes this heart happy when I hear good news! They are extremely active as they like to kick– A LOT. I have already determined they will be like their Mama- I am carrying two future Cripple Creek cloggers here people! I have also come to the conclusion they are like their Daddy because they kick the hardest at NC State football games– I am so excited when we score, but do they have to fire the cannon after every touchdown? Or play “We Ready” for every kick off? I am almost certain that will be Andrew’s song to me when we are about to deliver.

For all of you who have asked or thought of how we are doing, prayed for us, encouraged us,  and helped us in these first two months– THANK YOU! We are excited to share with you more about our journey as we progress forward. I’ve written way too much, so now– how you doin?

-Mary Kate

8 thoughts on “Hey, “How You Doin?”

  1. La'Toya Chasten says:

    Hey MK!! I’m so thrilled for y’all!! Glad to know you’re doing well. Love the precious names for girl! Happy that you have a blog your sweet & energetic spirit shine all throughout this blog. Miss you girl!

  2. Auntie "M" says:

    I am so excited that you are journaling all this for us to share!! I am always “hungry” for info on those sweet little girls you are carrying! Don’t ever apologize for being long winded! You will have lots of time once you are admitted to UNC, so give us all the details! Much love!!

  3. Brooke S. Thornton says:

    Love it, Love it, Love it!!! So glad everything is going so well!! I know you are the most precious preggo little lady ever! Take care and I look forward to reading more about your adventure! 🙂

    • Althea says:

      So excited for you and Andrew!!!! Love the names and so thankful all is well and they love to “kick”. Thank you for sharing with us in your precious journey!!!!!!.

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