Goodbye September, Hello October

Howdy everyone! I have been amazed at the amount of response I have received since my first posting. Thank you all so much for the sweet encouragement and blessings! I am looking forward to sharing more of our journey with all of you!

Our wonderful weekend came to a quick end around 4:00 this morning– alarm went off, and the kick off to another week began with the sound of a steaming iron. Today is “end of month” for Andrew, and it is always a busy and long day for him in the store! The joy of Monday, right? Don’t worry, I went to Chick-fil-A to and dropped off some sweet treats! Hopefully this made Monday a little sweeter for him and his team!

With only a few weeks before I am admitted to UNC, I am trying my best to take advantage of every day I have at home. Watch out October, this pregnant Mama is going to make the most of your beautiful autumn days!! Andrew and I wrapped up a gorgeous September weekend in Raleigh with family and friends. To be expected, you could find the White and Maready family tailgating at Carter-Finley on Saturday. We enjoyed our day cheering on the Wolfpack to a victory and celebrating Joel’s upcoming birthday. (He will be 22 tomorrow! Happy Birthday Joel!!)

And sweet, sweet Sunday. My favorite day of the week! A day of worship, relaxation, and my husband’s only day off– it is the best! This particular Sunday was definitely one for the books! We were challenged, encouraged, and had some great worship time with Jesus! If you happen to be in the Raleigh area and are seeking a church home please join us and come visit Hope Community Church in Cary! Andrew and I have thoroughly enjoyed visiting this church. The past month we have been visiting, Pastor Mike Lee has been delivering a series called Love Different”. If you are seeking encouragement and guidance in your relationships, please check out this series and follow along online! It is worth your time– I promise! Go visit:

Andrew and I departed ways for our Sunday afternoon. He went to a Chick-fil-A social with his team, and I enjoyed a sweet afternoon with family and friends at our first baby shower! Mrs. Karen Fiorini opened her beautiful home for us to enjoy and celebrate the arrival of our two baby girls! It was amazing to be reunited with some of my best friends and ladies in my family to celebrate Amelia and Leah! The girls got so many cute outfits, and Andrew and I received the wonderful gift of practicality: diapers, diapers, and more diapers! We had a great time going through our gifts together last night! Andrew’s favorite thing to do these days is play “pretend” with the girls outfits. I will walk in the room and he has two outfits propped up on pillows between him while he is watching TV! It is so hard to believe this will be our reality in a few short months- AMAZING! Here are a few pictures to document our precious baby shower!

And THEN to think this weekend could not get any sweeter I get this message:

A BIG congratulations to my cousin, Steven, and his beautiful bride-to-be, Jenna! If Andrew is hard of hearing in his left ear now, this is why. (Heads up Chick-fil-A!) Needless to say I squealed really loudly when I received this text message! I am so happy for the life that Steven and Jenna are going to build together as husband and wife. And if you know these two personally, you know their down-to-earth nature and genuine sweetness is going to be a blessing in building a strong marriage. I mean they are already a power couple, have you seen them? Seriously. Surf City and Topsail Island marketing should have them be models for advertisement of the island. Everyone would visit TI! And secretly, I am glad Steven snagged him a Wolfpack girl at heart! He did good y’all, real good!

These joyous occasions and blessings of family time, celebration of new life, love, and all of the in between makes me humbly grateful for these happy days. I am grateful because I know there are others out there who struggled through the weekend. In the midst of my joy, I don’t want to by pass those who battled sickness, sorrow, and so much more. Yesterday, I did learn that a fellow graduate of the Wallace-Rose Hill Class of 2009 passed away. My deepest sympathy is with Brad’s family and friends as they go through this difficult time at the loss of a young life. My heart is with my classmates as we lay to rest another member of our graduating class. Moments like this put into perspective how short life can be– so I challenge you, embrace the beauty of October and make these autumn days count for you too!

-Mary Kate


One thought on “Goodbye September, Hello October

  1. Ashley Maready says:

    Love the photos from the baby shower Sunday. I was sorry I couldn’t be there. WOW, you’re growing!!! And I especially love the last photo of Andrew with the two outfits. He looks as good in Carolina Blue as I look in Red!!! HaHa couldn’t resist!

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