Blame it on the… hormones.

Ask my husband. Ask my family. Ask my best friends. I am a very sentimental person who embraces traditions and cherishes memories made. Therefore, a big ole’ SAP! Y’all, this is who I am NOT pregnant. When you bring on DOUBLE the babies, you get DOUBLE the hormones. So poor Andrew, we are talking TRIPLE the SAP right now! My entire life I have always cringed at the thought of change, but by faith I embrace what is new to come and every time I realize, “You know, this isn’t so bad! I AM actually okay!” After all, this is how life works- nothing ever stays the same.

FOUR MONTHS: college graduation, wedding, honeymoon, moving, and two babies on the way. The only thing that is keeping these hormones of mine from absolutely exploding like a volcano and lava spewing out everywhere is my faith and my sweet husband. Now don’t get me wrong, the hormones haven’t stayed in all together. Right now, we are at the stage where it is like the intense rumbling that activates the volcano. Thankfully, any “ash” or “molten rock” hasn’t erupted into the sky yet– but this Wolfpack girl hasn’t gotten to Chapel Hill. (I’ll let you know how that goes!) In order to maintain my sanity, I trust and believe that the Lord has a GREAT plan, and with this life change I will continue to say, “You know, this isn’t so bad! I AM actually okay!” My strength alone comes from Him and the good man He blessed me with. Andrew has been so incredibly strong and understanding through every “mood” of mine– I am a lucky girl y’all! I am so thankful for his humor, his strength, and his amazing intuition that knows when I need a chocolate milkshake or bowl of cinnamon toast crunch.

Oh, all of this “hormonal” talk– can you feel the SAP? Anyways, the purpose of it was to lead me into our weekend spent in Wallace. On Friday night, my high school friend and personal music DJ, Grace, picked me up in Raleigh and we rode to Wallace together for a classmate’s wedding. Driving down I-40 with Dixie Chicks blasting in “Rhonda Honda” felt like old times. Thus, the beginning of my “sentimental, hormonal nostalgia” was underway. As we came into Wallace, you could see Legion Stadium’s lights making our small town brighter. It was homecoming at Wallace-Rose Hill, and I was flooded with memories at the many Friday nights I spent there as we passed by the stadium. That flood of nostalgia that rushed through at that particular moment? I blamed it on the hormones. The tears I cried when I got home realizing it was my first night without Andrew since we got married? I blamed it on the hormones. Seriously though, I never thought I would be “homesick” in Wallace. Look out Chapel Hill, this hormonal sassy Mama will be all yours in a month! (Y’all start praying for those nurses!)

On Saturday, we went to Anthony and Carrie’s wedding. Their wedding was sweet, chic, and a southern girl’s dream! At the reception, I felt like I had dove into a Pinterest-Inspired wedding board wonderland. It was the cutest! (And the FOOD– sweet heavenly day, that meal was out of this world!) If I hadn’t heard my Nana’s voice in my ear reminding me of proper etiquette, I would have treated it like a Chinese buffet. I could have had three plates of those mashed potatoes! And for my fellow HCA peeps- the reception was in the OLD GYM! Classmate gets married– “Bazaar” memories– thus, hormonal nostalgia continues. The entire night felt so surreal because it feels like yesterday we were graduating from high school and anxiously awaiting college. Now, we are growing up, getting married, and having twins. What a roller coaster ride! Congratulations Carrie and Anthony!


W-RH Class of 2009 in the house y’all! (L to R) Andrew, Anthony, me, CP, Grace, and C-Mac


On Sunday, Andrew and I were able to go watch Matt pitch in a scrimmage at UNCW. I can’t BEGIN to tell you how proud I was the moment I saw him come out of the dug out to go to the bullpen. If you’ve seen the movie The Rookie, you might understand what I felt. Do you remember that scene when Jimmy Morris traveled back to Texas with his team, and his players, his wife– they were all there to see him pitch and beamed with pride. The inspirational music cued in as he took the mound and struck the batter out. Well Jimmy didn’t have a sister in the movie, but I imagine if he did her face would have looked a lot like mine. At that moment, every solitary practice that I got 50+ mosquito bites at Art Meyer Park waiting on Matt was worth it. And y’all it happened again– the hormonal nostalgia was getting to me. Blame it on the hormones- this sister just wanted to cry happy tears watching her little brother’s dream come alive.

With a few weeks away from our next adventure in Chapel Hill, this was more than likely the last time we would be traveling to Wallace without two babies! That alone hit me like– WHOA BABY! (In my best Stephanie Tanner voice of course..)  As we continue to take one day at a time (hormones and all) I am so thankful for these days. Andrew and I are getting SO excited about our two arrivals! You can blame it on the hormones, but I believe one reason for this “odd behavior” of mine is because deep down I only pray and hope my two sweet girls will have the same amazing upbringing, friendships, precious memories, opportunities, and all of the in between that Andrew and I have had. Through every single life change, I see the Lord’s handiwork in my life and His plans are always far better than my own. So, to my girls- your Daddy and I are so excited to share all of this love, joy, and “sappiness” with you! And that’s right folks– we are getting ready! See? The girls are already ready to travel!

ImageI told y’all Andrew likes to play pretend with the outfits! 🙂


The Hormonal, Overly Sappy, and Very Excited Pregnant Mama!

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