These Are My Confessions…

Don’t worry y’all– I am not going to bust out Usher and start singing! Although the melody is running through my head and I am slightly intrigued to put NOW 14 in the CD player and start jammin’… these are my confessions.

While talking to Matt the other day, I was asking him about his busy schedule and how he is learning how to balance everything between school, baseball, and his social life. (And y’all– he is ROCKING it by the way!) Anyways, we were talking and with laughter in his voice he asked me, “Mary Kate, what do you do during the day? This is something I have wondered since you and Andrew got married!” As his older sister, the first thing that popped in my mind ironically was, “Okay Matt, what paper do you want me to type up for you this week?” (I used to do that when I was in high school!) OR “Okay Matt, what can I help you with?” Well, my little brother has grown up and tackling things on his own now. I am so proud! While this is not the point for this post, I have been asked that question A LOT in the past few weeks.

Do you get bored during the day? What do you do to keep busy? Are you lonely while Andrew is at work? You get the picture. Thus, these are my confessions:

1. Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Never in my life have I been a breakfast person. I grew up associating Pop Tarts with flying discs since that is what they were in the Maready household as we always ran out of the house late. Now, I have time to eat! It is amazing, I have missed so much over the years! I thoroughly enjoy on average three heaping bowls of cinnamon toast crunch while watching Kelly and Michael in the mornings. Andrew and I are seriously considering taking stock in General Mills.

2. My new best friend, The Pioneer Woman. Thank you Food Network!

I was heartbroken when the Butter Queen of the South, Paula Deen, no longer had air time on the Food Network. I didn’t know who would be my favorite! Giada is too fancy for me. And then, I met Ree Drummond. This woman captured my heart from her Peppercorn Beef Tenderloin to her Ice Cream Pie. Seriously, I have become slightly obsessed with her recipes down to her pantry and kitchen utensils. Her website: has become my new Pinterest. Speaking of Pinterest, I follow her on there as well. I told you I have a problem!


Property Brothers, Buying or Selling, Love It or List It, House Hunters– you name it. HGTV has become my staple channel (besides when Pioneer Woman is on of course! Or Andrew is home– Football or Forensic Files it is!) Along with Drew, Jonathan, Hillary, David, Jillian, or Todd- they have helped me continue knocking out my thank you notes from the wedding! HGTV is the ideal background noise around the house– it is motivation to stay organized, productive, and clean! Although, sometimes there are people that get “muted”– that kitchen is not THAT outdated honey!

4. I do NOT get bored!

I am a newlywed wife who is expecting twin identical girls. BORED is no where on my radar. Every day there is a meal to prepare, clothes to be washed, a nursery to be decorated, a future mama to be educated, thank-you notes to be written, and my list goes on and on. Confession: I love staying home. Some people may cringe at the thought of staying home all day, but right now I am treasuring these days that I am blessed to have. Every day I am at home is another blessing. Every day I am able to cook and prepare Andrew a hot meal is a blessing. Every morning I wake up to iron Andrew’s work clothes and send him off to work is a blessing. Every day I have the freedom to hop in my car and drive to the grocery store and run errands is a blessing. Every day I get to enjoy my time whether it is reading a book or taking a nap is a blessing. Soon, my days no longer become my days. Three years ago if someone had told me, “You’re going to be married and a stay at home mom of TWINS by age 23.” I would have sat them down and said, “Bless your heart! Are you okay, do you have a fever?” No, this is not the path I had envisioned for my life. But, in these days of transitioning into my life as a wife and expecting parent, I could not be happier that this is where I am at age 22. Yes, some of you may be thinking– this girl has lost her mind! While this was the last place I thought I would be, I am so incredibly thankful that this is where I am blessed to be. The Lord never ceases to amaze me with His faithfulness. As we quickly approach “admittance day” I savor every moment of rest and the “still” moments. The Lord has used this time to prepare my heart for how my life will change in a  matter of a few months. While this next chapter will be challenging in many aspects, I am so excited for the abundance of joy and how the challenging days will allow me to grow in my faith and as a person. I am so honored God loves me enough that He chose me to be the mother to two precious twin girls.

Speaking of the girls, we had another successful doctor visit last week! At 25 weeks, I am now being seen every week until I go to Chapel Hill. Our next appointment is on Thursday. I love that we are able to see our girls so much and we are blessed with a lot of ultrasound pictures to treasure! I am anxious for Thursday because the girls will be measured and we will see how they are growing. So far, they are being good sisters to one another and “sharing” everything very nicely! Hopefully this will carry into the toddler years– haha! Who am I kidding? Stay tuned, I will let you know how Thursday goes!

While I am loving my days during the week– you just can’t beat the weekend! Here a few pictures to capture our weekend spent in Raleigh!


Did a little shopping for the girls on Friday at a Kids Consignment Sale– we racked up! I was lucky to find two identical NC State onesies in a rack full of clothes. This was the only outfit that I found alike– what are the odds? Those definitely made it home!



Does this picture even need words? Our tailgate was a lot better than the game itself. We will just leave it at that! I may or may not have been able to sneak a skewer or two in the game with me. Let me tell ya, I have become a professional at sneaking in food to the games this season!

Last but not least, this is a shout out to our favorite NCSU Cheerleader, Megan Holzer!



Megan was in Charlotte representing NCSU the weekend that Andrew and I met. She’s been so supportive of the two of us since that weekend. We love you Megan and glad we got to see you after the game!

Hope you all have a great week and enjoy the blessings in your days! It’s time for my Cinnamon Toast Crunch– bowl #1, here I come!

-Mary Kate


4 thoughts on “These Are My Confessions…

  1. Aunt Ashley says:

    Look at all those hair bows….that brings back memories of you “playing” teeball and the games having to be stopped when you were playing catcher because you wouldn’t keep the catcher’s mask on. Why?? Because it was messing up your hair and smashing your hair bows! So very proud of Matt and hoping for good news in the next few weeks. And also very proud of you and how you are taking life and its continual changes in stride. See you in Greensboro Saturday!

  2. Jona J Autry says:

    Loving your Blog posts! Those girls are going to be so lucky to have you and Andrew as parents. Since NCSU does not have a Hospital (except for animals – LOL), I guess that you will be in good hands at UNC. Luckily they will come out as NCSU girls (keep the Carolina blue off – But Pink will be beautiful)! Good Luck on the remainder of your days – you will have twice the joy when they arrive.

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