A Thousand Little Things

An update on our girls!

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:6-7

Oh, this verse. It is so easy to read, say aloud, and take comfort in Paul’s words, but in all due respect to the scriptures it is extremely hard to live out in an active way sometimes. For example, this morning. This morning I was a nervous wreck y’all! Blame it on the hormones? I have been so strong, but this morning as we woke up and were getting ready for our visit I was not so strong. Worry filled my soul as we headed to REX– what if the doctor tells us we have to go to Chapel Hill today? What if something is wrong with the girls? What if I am not giving them what they need? If I hear I do not look 26 weeks pregnant with twins and “little” one more time I am going to scream! I am feeding my babies people- a  lot!! Oh the thoughts that entered my mind.

At the UNC Women’s Specialty Clinic at REX, Andrew and I have been blessed with the sweetest ultrasound technician ever. We absolutely love her (she prints out lots of pictures for us!) We both wish we could scoop her up and transfer her to Chapel Hill with us. Her name is Dorette. Again, sweetest woman ever. About a month ago, Andrew and I learned that one of our girls has a Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD). Before you start to worry too much (we don’t need too many worried people around here!) a VSD is extremely common. A VSD is an extremely tiny hole in the heart that separates the right and left ventricles of the heart. Doctors assured us this was not something to be overly concerned about because there are many adults who go through life not realizing they have a VSD. This could possibly be something that will repair on its own overtime, or if causes any complications could be easily repaired through surgery. When we were informed about the VSD, Andrew and I made the decision to keep this news close within our family. This was intended for us to process the news, and we didn’t want to cause others to worry about our girls because ultimately we knew this baby is going to turn out to be just fine!

With mono-mono twins, because they share the same sac and are the only type of twins to exchange positions, usually parents aren’t able to distinguish “who is who” until delivery and name each baby. Fortunately, because of the VSD we are able to distinguish our girls apart in the womb. Andrew and I decided to declare “Amelia Grace” to our baby girl who carries the VSD. Amelia means “strong woman of God”, and so with this truth we know our baby girl’s strength is going to overcome any medical condition! Therefore, no more “Baby A” and “Baby B”– although we never knew which one was distinctly “Baby A” and “Baby B” because these girls do cartwheels over each other! We know who is Amelia Grace and Leah Katherine in the womb, and that is a comforting feeling above all else.

Today, Amelia was smiling for Dorette, Andrew, and I! She was in a great position to be measured. She weighed 2 lbs. and 5 oz. (You think she likes the Cinnamon Toast Crunch?) Leah was not in the best position. They were “flip flopped”– Amelia was breached and Leah’s head was practically digging into my hip bone– I could definitely feel Leah! Due to Leah’s “uncomfortable” position, Dorette was not able to get the best measure on Leah as she did for Amelia. We know she tried her best though! Leah’s measurements were at 1 lb. and 14 oz. In a singleton growth chart, Amelia is in the 65th percentile and Leah is in the 37th percentile. The difference between our two girls is 24%, we aren’t too alarmed by this because both girls have equal amounts of fluid surrounding them (which is awesome!), both heartbeats are healthy, and their gestational ages are both on track! Praise God!! The difference in Amelia and Leah’s weight could simply be because we weren’t able to get the best measurement of Leah today. They did a Doppler screening of the arteries and veins within the umbilical cords to detect any blockages or entanglement activity and screening showed everything was normal– no Chapel Hill yet for this Mama! While the ultrasound was “eventful” today, Andrew and I are trusting our Heavenly Father with Amelia’s VSD and Leah’s weight. Ultimately, while our two babies do reflect our image– more importantly, they are created and made in HIS image.  As a mother, it is hard to imagine that there is someone who loves these two girls more than Andrew and I. But there is– and I am so, so glad that there is because when I worry, contemplate, and show lack of trusting in the unknown– God knows and has our two girls in the palm of His hand. Amelia and Leah are made in His image. They are part of His creation. In the womb, He already knows their destiny and He treats them as His prized creation. Therefore, why should I be worried? I should not. Instead, I should be thankful for the “thousand little things” in which God reassures me that He loves me and has me in the palm of His hand too.

Our next appointment is going to be on Monday, October 28th at REX. They will be giving me all of my immunizations that day before I am admitted into Chapel Hill later that week.

Andrew and I can not thank everyone enough for all of the love, support, and prayers we have received over the past few months. As we continue on this journey, please continue to keep our family in your prayers. Our time is so precious, and we will continue to enjoy every single moment and be thankful for the “thousand little things”. The song below is by Point of Grace. I take comfort in the lyrics and joy fills my spirit with the upbeat melody! This song has been on repeat today in the White household because we truly have so incredibly much to be thankful for!!

Alright y’all, I am off to enjoy a night of Thursday night football with my husband! A lot of good games on– ACC match up, Carolina vs. Miami and Seattle vs. Arizona. This may or may not be enjoyed over a large Char Grill chocolate milkshake. We are finding joy and comfort in the thousand little things! Andrew and I hope you all find peace, comfort, and happiness in your thousand little things too!

-Mary Kate and Andrew 🙂

5 thoughts on “A Thousand Little Things

    • Althea says:

      Your news is awesome!! Love the names and it Is hard to believe how much they weigh now!!! Praying for continued blessings on you, Andrew and your precious little girls.

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