Daddy’s Hands


If you were raised in the South and grew up on Country music you more than likely heard the name of Holly Dunn. A timeless classic in the heart of Nashville, Holly Dunn sang an all-time favorite of mine, “Daddy’s Hands”. This song has a special meaning to my family. The “Brinkley” crowd has had many bluegrass and “jam sessions” over the years. A cherished memory of mine will always be my Daddy playing the doghouse base and my Aunt Anita playing the guitar and singing Holly Dunn’s lyrics. Maybe the lyrics will ring a bell in your memory!  “Daddy’s hands were soft and kind when I was cryin’, Daddy’s hands, were hard as steel when I’d done wrong, Daddy’s hands, weren’t always gentle, But I’ve come to understand, There was always love in Daddy’s hands.”

Since our “spook” on Wednesday, we have decorated my room in positive and encouraging quotes and scriptures. These are a couple of pictures to show you of our creative days!

ImageImageAnd today, I added one more decoration. Over the weekend, Mrs. Kathy found some of Andrew’s artwork from when he was little. The hands you see in the picture above are Andrew’s hand prints. Therefore, when I was stirring around for ideas about my blog tonight, it hit me: Daddy’s Hands. Ironically, our girls heart rates are shown in blue and red. You better believe I strapped those precious blue and red hand prints of my sweet husband right beside our monitoring screen! Seeing these precious hands beside our girls’ heart rates gives me peace and comfort when Andrew is not here!

Daddy’s Hands. I have been blessed throughout my lifetime with father figures that Holly Dunn describes in her song. My two grandfathers, Papa and Granddaddy, and my wonderful Daddy. All of my childhood, I prayed I would be blessed with a man who would love me like these men loved their wives and loved their children. And sure enough, the Lord blessed me with Andrew White. I am so thankful for the husband Andrew is to me and the amazing Daddy he will be to our girls. I am excited to see how he grows into a father and how those Daddy’s hands will touch the lives of our two precious girls.

Over the past week, I have truly seen another father figure who has laid His hands on our family. Since Wednesday, I have been amazed by the power of prayer and reflecting on how my Heavenly Father is using this time during my life to grow and strengthen my relationship with Him. Through a time of reflection this morning, I realized that no matter the hardships or trials that are sent our way, there is always love in Daddy’s hands. While this time in my life may not be “easy” mentally, physically, or emotionally, I hold onto the strength in Daddy’s hands that He will carry me through and use this time to grow me as a wife, mother, friend, and daughter. After all the Lord said, “I created you with my own hands.” Psalm 119: 73, and my favorite, “I will keep you safe because no one can snatch you out of My hand.” John 10:29. With the knowledge of this truth, I find so much peace and comfort in the journey we are traveling.

Andrew and I had a wonderful weekend spending time together after the hectic activity this past week entailed. On Saturday, Andrew truly showed his love for the girls’ and I by missing his first home game at Carter-Finley since 1998. Don’t worry, we still made our presence known on the jumbo tron with a picture from the Hill! I believe we showed up more at Carter-Finley than our own football team… I am about to start our monitoring for the night, so it’s best not to get my heart rate pumping high. The End.

Despite the football game our weekend was wonderful as we were able to relax and spend quality time together. Over the course of this past week, we have been amazed at the amount of love and support that has been extended towards us. Here are a few pictures to show you all the love in Chapel Hill!

ImageMy sweet Aunt Emily and Uncle Bill came to visit me last Tuesday!


This was the picture that was shown at Carter-Finley. I believe that the most exciting part of the game for Wolfpack fans was the Smithfield Sizzle. And for the record, we were clearly NOT ready. Time for a new kickoff song!


Rebecca came to cheer us up after the game! Her sweet visit included watching a Scotty DVD her friend Rebecca Nee made. We sang along to Scotty while enjoying some Halloween candy from her party!


These are the beautiful orange tulips Andrew’s Aunt Melissa brought to brighten up my room today!


She also brought us a bag of goodies! It was a never ending bag, what a blessing! My favorite? The bibs. They are from FLORENCE, ITALY y’all! Thank you to the Godfrey family and Aunt Melissa for our wonderful bag of treats!

We have also had so many other sweet visitors, cards, phone calls, texts that these few pictures do not display. A BIG thank you to  all who have reached out and shown your love and support this past week. Your love is a blessing and a source of happiness and strength for us! Since Wednesday, we have had no spooks. Praise Him! The monitoring sessions have been wonderful. I have discovered my “magic beans” for the girls. Junior Mints. They are their Mama’s girls! Are you surprised it is not Cinnamon Toast Crunch? Me too. Before every monitoring session, I have been popping a few Junior Mints and they seem to behave! Yes, some may call this superstition– but you stay on a monitor for 22 hours and get back to me. Whatever works… WORKS! Please continue to pray for the medically boring days and great monitoring sessions. They can be mentally and physically draining because before each one I have to prepare myself for what could be the outcome. Sometimes they can range from 20 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on how easy it is to find the girls. I usually monitor between 8 and 11 in the mornings, 2 and 4 in the afternoons, and 8 and 11 at night. Keep on praying, prayer warriors for easy going monitoring during these times!

For those of you if who did not grow up in the South or have ever heard the name Holly Dunn- this video is for you. May we always remember the love and cherish the grace in our Heavenly Father’s hands.

Finding peace, comfort, and love in Daddy’s Hands-

Mary Kate

4 thoughts on “Daddy’s Hands

  1. Margaret Eaddy Taylor says:

    Mary Kate and Andrew, I am amazed by your strength,faith and love. Mary Kate, you have grown into an amazing young lady who is so faithful. I will continue to pray for you and your family and keep updated through any means I can. Much love to you and I love the many sayings that decorate your room.
    Margaret Eaddy Taylor
    (Wallace and Faison, NC)

  2. Aunt Ashley says:

    Mary Kate –
    My heart is so full when I ready your posts. I have been and continue to be amazed at the faith and grace you are displaying as you continue on this journey. You make us so proud! Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday. I will bring a fresh supply of Junior Mints along with some things I’ve collected to help pass the time and provide some entertainment during your hospitalization. We do want those twins to stay put a few weeks longer! Hey, what was wrong with the outcome of Saturday’s game ?!? I thoroughly enjoyed it! Love to you all. Aunt Ashley, UNC ’94

  3. Edna B. White, Great Grand-Mother says:

    I just LOVE the fancy bibs! I was highly entertained by tonight’s communication. Mary Kate has a skill I wasn’t aware of — the ability to write effectively! The Mama Chick is a little more plump than when I last saw her, but that is good. You and Andrew are very brave indeed to be sitting in Chapel Hill waving the dear ole red and white! Since my ability to walk is not so good, I am saving my visit until there are some babies to look at! — Great Grand Mother White and Official Grand Mother of Mr. Wolf

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