Weekly Forecast: Leah is on the Radar Map for Thursday!

Tonight, my Facebook timeline is overcome with the news of SNOW. Growing up in Wallace, when the word snow was mentioned, the Piggly Wiggly would get more business than the week prior to Thanksgiving. You would think that an apocalypse was heading towards our small southeastern North Carolina town. At the end of a “snow storm” the grounds would only be covered with a maximum two inches, and schools would be closed for the rest of the week. Those were the days: playing in slush and no school!

I remember praying for snowfall. I remember staying up all night and mastering procrastination on school assignments (any former teacher of mine that is reading this: forget I said that!) because George Elliot on WECT said we were getting snow! Ironically, for all the times I prayed for snow as a child: it never came. And now, the one time I am praying the snow would not come, meteorologists are predicting 8+ inches. How funny!

photo 2(3)  photo 4(1)

photo 3(1)

When we brought Amelia home last Wednesday, we anticipated that we would be bringing Leah home on Sunday. Last Thursday, Leah had another bradycardia episode where her heart rate dropped. Our poor daughter was only trying to use the bathroom. Bless her heart. For real though. So, we again played the waiting game. Our doctors did not see it as necessary to restart Leah’s countdown, but wanted to keep her for a few more days for further monitoring. Over the weekend our neonatologist and his team gave report to the new team of doctors that came today! And, guess what. What day do you think these doctors believe our girl will be ready for discharge? Wednesday. Due to the weather, she will not be coming home till Thursday or Friday. SO. That’s right! Of all the times that eastern North Carolina gets an “apocalypse” of a snow storm it just happens to be on the exact day that we should be bringing our girl home. Goodness gracious! These girls sure do keep things mighty interesting!

Our time with Amelia at home has been absolutely fabulous! The past few days have been both wonderful and hard at the same time. I feel torn not to be with Leah, but have loved every minute of taking care of Amelia at HOME! I have waited two months to walk into their nursery, see them lying in their cribs, and listen to the soothing sound of the ocean while I rock them to sleep after an early morning feed. Seriously, I think no matter how old you are everyone should consider investing in a sound machine. They are pretty much the best invention ever!

photo 1(3)We have already paid a visit to our pediatrician twice since we   have been home. Once for a day-after visit from being discharged, and today Amelia had to get a vaccination and her hemoglobin checked. She has gained 3 ounces since being home, and her total weight is 7 lbs. 10.5 ounces! Such a big girl! Her hemoglobin looked great this morning! This is such encouraging news due to the number of blood transfusions she had to receive in NICU. She has adjusted to home really well. We no longer get sleep through the night and I am pretty positive we will forever hear grunting in our sleep, but this stage of parenthood will always be cherished. Our kitchen counter is currently over taken with bottles and nipples, it is a good day when I take a shower, and our washing machine stays in sync with the girls sound machine. These are the days I have anxiously been awaiting! Motherhood: it’s a beautiful thing. And it is only going to get more complicated, messier, and beautiful!

photo(35)  photo(36)

photo 2(2)

Today was the first day I had seen Leah since last Wednesday. I was antsy to go see my other baby girl! PLEASE PRAY that Leah doesn’t get spooked or too excited with this snow, and she continues to stay on track to head I-40 East on Thursday. We have had a taste of what an infant at home feels like, and we can’t wait for the night that all FOUR of us are under the same roof! More sleepless nights, more laundry, and messier counter tops: I can not wait.

In the near future I will be posting a blog dedicated to the safety of our girls during this current season. Our pediatrician, nurses, and doctors, have talked to us at length about what to do for our girls this winter. While we are ready to share them with everyone, we simply can not anytime soon. It breaks this Mama’s heart, but I have to be my girls advocate! The reality is they were born 11 weeks early and are coming home during the peak of RSV/Flu season. They are the innocent prey for all of the viscous and infectious germs out there. So, until the end of April (when the girls are 3 months gestational age) we are on “lock down” at the White household.

Today is Day 95 of our NICU journey. Even though we are extremely anxious to bring Leah home, the inner child-like spirit in me is still somewhat excited about the predicted snow fall. We will embrace these snow days (from inside of course!), we will embrace the renewal of winter ground, and we will embrace our final moments in Chapel Hill. Just like the weather men, I am predicting Leah will be making her way to Wake County on Thursday. Her homecoming will definitely be more exciting than the 8+ inches of snow heading our way soon. Only there will be less people in the grocery stores!

Happy Snow Day everyone!

Mary Kate

2 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast: Leah is on the Radar Map for Thursday!

  1. Holly Heffernan says:

    This is so awesome on all levels!! So very excited for you and that your NICU journey is so close to an end! What a miracle for those precious baby girls AND Momma and daddy too! Looking forward to the day we are able to bring our little one home and I can watch her sleep in her crib and rock her to sleep to the sound of ocean as well! You encourage me by sharing your experience!! Can’t wait to see that Miss Leah is HOME!! Love and hugs to all 4 of u!

  2. Althea says:

    Nothing but tears from eyes!!!! Such a sweet testimony from a precious mommy. I think your babies are going to like snow and will grow up telling beautiful stories when they were brought home. Wonderful news that Amelia is doing great. Just thinking, daddy and mommy being home together, each rocking a little precious girl. Guess you will just have to take turn with them so they will not get “jealous”.lol. Praising God for His wonderful Blessings.

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