A Simply Divine Homecoming

We have been home for an entire 24 hours with identical twin girls and we have managed to feed both of them (I haven’t fed one twice so far…I am 99.9% positive that will probably happen one day!), I took the right twin to the pediatrician this morning, and we all got some rest…for the most part!

photo 1(5)Oh my goodness. Y’all! My girls are HOME! I can’t even BEGIN to describe the feeling that Andrew and I both had to take the monitors off of Leah, dress her up (in a big hair bow and monogram of course…I mean…we do live in the South…this attire is only appropriate), and leave the NICU for our last time. We have traveled the road to Chapel Hill so many times. This is how excited Andrew and I were when we left home with Amelia. The smiles on our faces describes our excitement for no longer having to battle I-40 for 40 minutes to see our daughters, AND for no longer having to pay $8 a day for parking. Can I get a hallelujah and AMEN?!

Our time at UNC hospital was long, trying, but so very special. I thank God for each and every day there. This time allowed Andrew and I to grow together in our marriage, our friendship, and prepare for the many blessings and chaos of parenthood. We both grew in our faith because God had all control over our two miracles. We had none. As believers, we are called to raise Amelia and Leah to be followers of Jesus Christ. For it is He that gave us these little pieces of heaven. They are here. They are alive. They are thriving and growing. They are miracles. In the beginning of my pregnancy, we were given all kinds of numbers and statistics about the survival rate of mono-amniotic twins. This experience has taken me before The Lord. I have witnessed with my own two eyes how God works in those who are driven by faith. I am blessed that He allowed me to witness this miracle as a mother.

photo 3(2) photo 2(4)

WE ARE HOME. This reality almost seems so surreal. Chapel Hill, our nurses, our doctors, the NICU staff, UNC Hospital staff, they have all become a part of us. It seemed very odd to not make my ‘nightly’ call to the NICU last night to check on the girls. I was finally able to walk in their nursery and see two sweet babies in cribs. What an incredible blessing!

photo 5

Over time, I have been working on a special project. I always want to remember these days. I want to remember these days when the girls are driving me bananas, our lives are insanely chaotic, and the days that I look at my daughters and simply reflect. Andrew and I can not thank everyone enough for supporting us through this journey. I will continue writing about our Simply Divine days. Stick around y’all, with these two girls…you know it will be interesting.

This video is for you. It is for me. It is for Andrew. It is for our girls. Welcome Home, Amelia and Leah. WE DID IT!

Praising Him from whom ALL blessings flow,

Mary Kate

5 thoughts on “A Simply Divine Homecoming

  1. Leah Fussell says:

    So sweet!!! I’m sitting her wiping my tears. Tears of joy! Congratulations to the 4 of you! ENJOY every second! It goes by so fast.

  2. Leslie Sinclair says:

    I needed a good cry. Such a beautiful testimony to your faith and strength. Such precious little girls. I look forward to many more pictures and videos.

  3. April Fussell says:

    Mary Kate! That is so AWESOME!!!!! I have been praying for all of you and will continue! God is so GREAT! I will have a gift to give to your mama the next time I see her for your precious girls!!!! I have a little Leah too! So precious!!!!!

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