One Week and Seven Sleepless Nights Later…

IMG_0867Well, we have survived the first week at home! This is what I have learned in my first week caring for two infants round the clock… my girls are nocturnal. They love to be held. They love to be rocked. They love to be held. Did I mention they love to be held? They fall asleep better in their ‘chairs’ rather than their own cribs.  They grunt like little pigs. We have another language going on in our house: “pig” Latin or either twin dialect… one way or another, Andrew and I certainly can not decipher. Home girls can pass some gas. Seriously. I need to start teaching them about ‘manners’… and the tool you use on babies to clean their noses out? It is their worst enemy. I ought to bury my hair straightener for a while because the only style this head of hair will see is: natural wave… and a small ponytail… also, dry shampoo is my new best friend. You need to start getting ready to walk out the door three hours prior to leaving just to make sure you make your appointment on time. When you are caring for two babies 24/7, naps become your best friend. And when you are constantly burping babies, you may or may not start burping your husband while sleeping. Yes, this has happened this week.

Needless to say, through the chaotic lessons (in just one week…there is a lot more we have in store!) we have learned that this new ‘parenting gig’ is going to be a little messy,  a little complicated, and just a tad bit overwhelming at times. Among all of this craziness though, our role as parents will be far more than just the descriptions listed above. This new stage of life is going to be so rewarding, ever changing, challenging, and beautiful. It truly is a gift that we are beyond thankful for!IMG_0973

This past week, while our hearts have been full of excitement and joy, we have also experienced sorrow and heart break. On Saturday, we lost Andrew’s family dog, Millie. This 10-year old sweet golden pup was so lovable and loyal. She was a ‘sister’ to the White boys, and she was a joy to see when I went to Andrew’s home in Greensboro. She will most certainly be missed! On Friday night, Andrew’s brother, Joel, and his Dad brought Millie to say goodbye to Andrew. Oh, the tears just flowed. And, it was not the hormones this time. Those are adjusting. Well, does a woman’s hormones ever align to normalcy? I don’t think so. But, I am so glad that Andrew had a chance to say good bye, and the girls had a chance to meet their Daddy’s first number one girl.


IMG_0891On Sunday, our families got together to watch the “Big Game”…. wait, what game? Was there even a game played? Well, I know that #56 [Nate Irving… a fellow W-RH Bulldog] for the Broncos showed up… not quite sure about the rest of the crowd! It was great to have our parents together as we all enjoyed the girls being home. I enjoyed cooking up some game day snacks in the kitchen! And, with a Seahawks victory the night still had a good ending! And that half time show? Did you know Bruno Mars is coming to the PNC Arena in June? Yes, it may have influenced me to look up their concerts… I just applaud them for keeping the lights on. Beyoncé could learn a thing or two from Bruno.

IMG_0909  IMG_0908IMG_0905  IMG_0903

Well, it is time again for another feeding. In the next few weeks we have a lot of exciting things going on in the White household! The girls, and our experiences into the wonder of parenthood is always exciting…and entertaining to say the least, we have some special birthdays in our family, my little brother has his HOME OPENER next week at UNCW, the girls turn 3 MONTHS, Valentine’s Day (it may consist of a candlelit dinner with bottles and nipples surrounding us on the table, grunting babies, and the background noise of a sound machine…who knows), and the MARCH FOR BABIES walk/ fund raising is underway!

    IMG_1012  IMG_1007

Our trip to the pediatrician went great yesterday! Amelia weighs 8 lbs. 11.5 ounces and Leah weighs 8 lbs. 7 ounces! Our sweet pediatrician told us they are growing beautifully! That made this Mama happy after the chaotic morning we had….see below… I believe Mama and I were about as stir crazy as the monkey in the background.

IMG_0998  IMG_0995


Y’all stay tuned for what should be a Simply Divine February!


One sleep-deprived, mega-delusional, overjoyed Mama 


2 thoughts on “One Week and Seven Sleepless Nights Later…

  1. Sarah Perry says:

    Some thoughts as I read your blog: 1.) I am so glad your week went well and I know that your Mama is enjoying herself sooo much! 2.) I like your wavy hair by the way! 3.) Your Babies are the size Tripp was when he was born except his head was much bigger. 4,) I have gifts but I do not know if I should drop them by your Mama’s or mail them? 5.) Tell your Mama that she looks young enough to be the MOTHER, not the Grandma! Have a great weekend!

  2. tara says:

    Mary Kate-
    So glad things are going well at home! Pod D has been much less gassy these past couple of nights…..I sure miss my cuddles with the girls. Strong work growing those babies!
    Also….if your pictures include anything other than Leah on the left and Amelia on the right, I’m going to need clarification!
    Tell Andrew hello!

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