Ice Ice Baby brought along the Icepocalypse…

Two words: goodness gracious.

IMG_1181What happened to our mild North Carolina winters? This winter weather is not welcome in our homeland. Snow: you’ve already been once. That is enough for us NC folks. Ice: you are never welcome. We do not like the mess and the massive power outages you bring. We like our sunshine days and 70 degree weather!

Meanwhile, in the middle of this icepocalypse, the girls are having their very first sleepover! Andrew and I decided it was best for us to find a safe place to take the girls in this storm. Everything in our home is run by electricity. If the electricity were to go out, so does our heat. With two preemies that have to stay real warm…this is most certainly not ideal. Today, I am so incredibly thankful for family. Mrs. Kathy and I were able to pack the girls up and get to Andrew’s Aunt Melissa’s house (generator included) before the storm approached with full force. We are safe and sound in Garner! Andrew has not been able to make it to us. His store was not able to close until 2, and the roads to Garner from North Raleigh were already in gridlock when he was able to leave. He is safe and sound at his grandmother’s in North Raleigh. Again, I am so incredibly thankful for family. Even though we are apart from one another, I am so grateful for our safety! My heart is with all of the other families that are separated due to this weather. My prayers are with them as they make attempt to make their way home to one another. It is bad out there! North Carolina is simply not equipped for an icepocalypse. Clearly.

Yesterday, the girls turned three months! Did I follow the monthly picture regiment with their milestones and IMG_1164cute three month sticker? No. Simply didn’t get around to it among laundry, dinner, feeding, bathing, changing diapers, napping, cleaning, etc. Well, let’s be honest. We napped together for the majority of the day! But, not to worry! This photo will be taken. They will be three months for an entire month, right? I will get around to it eventually! Maybe we will get it with the ice/snow/inconvenient winter mess in the background. That would be commemorative for this once-in-a-lifetime winter storm that will probably be the only one the girls will experience for the next five years. That is how North Carolina weather works. If I recall, the last icepocalypse that I experienced was when I was in the seventh grade. I was ‘iced’ in at Hannah Wachter’s home with my fractured knee cap in a leg cast. Another blog post for another day. Or maybe it would be entertaining to go ahead and tell this story. Since we are all ‘iced’ in we need some entertainment! No, no… I will spare you the embarrassment. You’ll even be embarrassed…yes, it was that bad. Let’s just say one awkward, clumsy girl made a complete fool of herself. One leg cast and seven weeks later it only added to my extreme awkwardness.

IMG_1108 IMG_1170

With Valentine’s Day being two days away, we are thankful for all the love we have been given! Thank you to Aunt Sherry and my sweet MIL for these Valentine’s Day goodies!

IMG_1099 IMG_1159

Be safe out there in the icepocalypse y’all! Don’t be clumsy or fall down stairs or anything………….I don’t want you winding up in a leg cast!

-Mary Kate




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