Simply Fine, Simply Mine, He’s Just…Simply Divine.

Marriage in Six Words: Simply Fine. Simply Mine. Simply Divine.

Read on…

Lately, Andrew and I have been so consumed with the chaotic lifestyle of being parents to twins that we lost track of time for our anniversary. I believe this winter weather has frozen our brains. As we rushed to our cardiologist appointment last Monday morning, when we were frantically pacing with two car seats up the walkway to the Heart Center at Wake Med (we were late…I am definitely living up to my nickname ‘Mary Late’..) anyways, I started to just bust out laughing. Not only laughing at the reality of Andrew and I power walking, diaper bag strapped on tight, with two car seats in hand, but laughing at the fact that in these busy days we almost forgot what Monday was. Monday was the 10th. Andrew and I have been married six months. Pure craziness.

As we marveled in the fact it has only been six months, neither one of us took offense that it feels like we have been married a lot longer. Maybe it is because we are now parents. Maybe it is because of everything we have been through since we got married. All in all, I couldn’t imagine anyone else I would rather be living my life with. Every single day seems to prove that I married the man God created especially for me. I mean this man battled snow, ice, and a gridlock in Raleigh for two 1/2 hours the other day to be with his girls!  IMG_1232It was so incredibly easy to say, ‘I do’ to him on August 10th, 2013. Since that day, Andrew and I have grown an incredible amount both together, individually, and our walk of faith has most definitely been strengthened. If there is one lesson I want to share with others (especially those that are pursuing engagement, engaged, and/or recently married) it is this:  it is extremely easy to get caught up in the ‘wedding’. It is easy to get caught up in all of the beautiful ideas that are on your Pinterest board. When you are so close to being married, it is very tempting to go ahead and do married things. I encourage you to practice your patience. Trust me honey, married women need some patience. No matter how many times you tell your husband to put the lid down, he won’t listen. Among other things, this is when your patience may be tried. And let’s be honest, he needs to have some patience too. For every time you say, “I’m coming honey! I promise!”, or “But look! It was on sale!”…. he’ll definitely need some patience. Today, I feel like so many young women are focused on the wedding itself. It wasn’t until Andrew and I had to make drastic cuts to our wedding plans that I realized what I should have been focusing on all along: our marriage. We had a very simple wedding. Was this wedding the one I had envisioned after Andrew proposed and I looked through 425 wedding magazines and gawked at all of the neat ideas on Pinterest? Not exactly. But, that special day. The day I stood before The Lord, our friends and family, and vowed to love and cherish Andrew was the best day of my life. That day was the very beginning for all of the sweet days that have followed. Marriage can be the biggest blessing and the most significant challenge two people can ever take on. While it has presented both its blessings and its challenges in the past six months, Andrew White is the most simply divine man to enjoy life alongside of… and I am so glad he is mine. I love being his wife! I am so incredibly thankful for the wonderful husband he is to me, and the amazing Daddy he is to our girls. It’s so fun living life with you, Andrew White!

This past week has been an absolute whirlwind from doctor appointments, a winter storm, our first sleepover, and Valentine’s Day!

IMG_1282 IMG_1259

Y’all, this man never ceases to amaze me. When the girls and I got home from staying at Aunt Melissa’s for a few days, we were all three surprised by the most thoughtful gift. The girls each had a single rose and a note from their Daddy, and I had the sweetest card and red tulips. Andrew and I were able to enjoy a date night on Friday (Thank you Kitty for watching the girls!), and our first Valentine’s Day as husband and wife…and parents was one to remember! IMG_1285


IMG_1301 P.S. – after proof-reading this I noticed the box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch in the background. Yes, this is still a staple in our house.

Now. I have something to share that some of you may enjoy! One of my favorite bloggers, Melanie Shankle (aka Big Mama), recently came out with a new book, The Antelope in the Living Room. No, this is not a book about antelopes or hunting antelopes, it is about marriage. You can find her blog at Her first book, Sparkly Green Earrings, is a memoir about motherhood. Y’all. She is absolutely hilarious! I read Sparkly Green Earrings during our time in the NICU, and it definitely brought some humor to my days! I am currently reading The Antelope in the Living Room in between feedings, naps, laundry, dinner, and everything else… but, nonetheless this book is worth the read for sure! Melanie also has a contest going on at the moment for her readers. “Marriage in Six Words” is the name of the game!


Are you intrigued? Do you want to enter the contest? Welp, I guess you will just have to visit her blog to see what you’d have the chance of winning! All you have to do is put your ‘six word phrase’ along with the hash-tag #antelopeinthelivingroom. You can do this via Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. So this is a forewarning to those of you that also follow me on Instagram: don’t be alarmed when I use #antelopeinthelivingroom. We do not have an antelope hanging in our living room! So, you’ll have to check the contest out for yourself! I am curious to see what other people can conjure up. Andrew and I have had a good time reflecting and coming up with our own six-word phrases. Feel free to share yours in the comments below. I would love to see what others have to say about marriage!

For example, twin daughters make it all worthwhile. Prior to the girls coming home, we had a couch to lay on. Now, it is safe to say they rule the roost. Poor Andrew, he’s the only rooster in the hen house. IMG_1342Needless to say, marriage and parenthood is the most amazing, joyous, and challenging journeyI am so incredibly thankful for God’s grace, discernment, and guidance in this adventurous ride of life. Lastly, the best six-word phrase that could be applied to any aspect of our lives whether it is marriage or motherhood: with God all things are possible.

I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day. Just remember that we don’t have to set a part a special day to remind those that we love how much we love them! Now, it’s time I go love on these three blessings…

-Mary Kate

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