If Only I Had Four Hands

We have all said at one point or another, “If only I had more time.” Well. While more time would be nice, another set of hands would be more beneficial. I have learned when I am alone with the girls how much I appreciate the times when someone is here to help me! When bottle feeding, you can only feed one baby at a time while the other screams her head off. You can only change one diaper at a time. You get the picture! Being a Mama of twins is crazy work, people. Crazy work. On Monday morning, I literally said out loud, “If only I had four hands!” We had quite the Monday morning before Nana and Mama rescued all of us. The girls were due to eat at 9 o’clock, and so I woke up a little early to get dressed and ready before I had to feed them. While I was getting ready in our bathroom, I heard Leah scream bloody murder into the monitor. I was scared, and at the same time I was proud. I was proud that my little girl had such strong lungs to make that loud of a noise! I quickly ran into their nursery and my heart literally stopped. Half of Leah’s face and her crib sheet was covered in blood. I picked her up, placed her on the changing table, (all the while trying not to hyperventilate and freak out), and started to investigate. Is it a nose bleed? What could it be? When I saw that her ‘claws’ (I do trim their fingernails. Us girls do have manicure time!) had scratched her nose in just the right place, I calmed down. But, holy moly. It was a mess! She scratched herself good fashioned and her little scratch would not stop bleeding! So, I did what my Daddy always did when he cut himself shaving. I got a wet tea bag.

Picture this: me trying to console Leah with a huge tea bag on her nose, and then I hear the noise that makes any mother cringe. A blowout. Monster blowout. Not from Leah, but from Amelia. So. I have one screaming at her bloody nose, and the other screaming from what is in her pants…and all over her sleeper and crib. These are the moments when mothers of twins wish they had four hands.

Needless to say we survived the bleed and the blowout. Of course, my extra two set of hands (Mama and Nana) arrived after our crazy ordeal and both girls were fed. While knee deep in the chaos, I was wondering why of all times this happened when I was alone. It is almost like the girls knew that Mama was alone, and had conjured up a plan to test my skills. After a few minutes when I was holding two calm babies, that chaotic moment made me realize: I got this. Whenever it is time for me to fly solo at the end of February, we will be okay. Don’t get me wrong, we will have our moments…possibly two or three times a day…but with only two hands: we can do this.

Yesterday, Andrew and I took the girls back to the pediatrician for a check-up. Amelia weighs a whopping 9 pounds, 9 ounces! Leah is following right behind at 9 pounds, 5 ounces! This news made this Mama extremely happy. Especially after Amelia’s blowout the day before I was surprised she hadn’t lost weight! The girls and I enjoyed our time with Nana Shirley yesterday afternoon before her and Mom had to make their way back to Duplin County. Last night, I was thankful Andrew got home in time for the little episode the girls and I experienced. I had changed into my comfy pajamas (wait…did I get out of my pajamas yesterday?), was snuggling with Leah, and the next thing I know is that I had spit-up on my face, in my hair, and it was all over the both of us. Well, this is flattering. Nothing screams good lookin’ quite like a wife covered in spit-up! Welcome home honey! Later, Amelia must have gotten so much entertainment out of her sister spitting up on Mama she wanted to see what all the fuss was about. That is right. Spit-up is my latest hair product.

Today, the girls and I finally did a little photo shoot for them turning 3 months old…last Tuesday. Yes, I am a week late…but the polar vortex came. I am sure they’ll understand one day! I can not believe the girls are three months old. Time is flying by so incredibly fast! This is what I captured of our two sweet girls this afternoon.










Amelia- Teal Headband; Leah- Pink Headband

Andrew and I have loved every single, chaotic, crazy minute of having these two precious girls home. At three months, they are amazing us every day with what they can do. They are our two sweet miracles! They both love to sit on the couch with their mumbo pillows, sit in their bouncer chairs (they are my saving grace!), listen to music, boycott their cribs (they’d rather be held any day), and they have both found their thumb. Dun. Dun. Dun. I have to get up constantly in the middle of the night to give them their pacifier (besides each other, I think it may be their best friend…) and both of them are way more awake between the hours of 7 pm- 12am than during the day… when normal infants are awake. We will get a nightly routine/ bed time worked out one day…hopefully. Amelia is our more vocal child. Both of our girls have found their voices. It is extremely cute! I love to hear them ‘speak’ and especially to one another. Leah is our more chill child. We thought this would be opposite! They both love to kick their legs (future cloggers maybe?) and are tolerable of tummy time. Both of our girls are beginning to focus on different things with their bright, beautiful eyes. It melts my heart when I walk into their nursery and they look up at me. It makes those 4am feedings worth every waking minute! We have almost outgrown the majority of our newborn clothes! I put an outfit on Amelia the other day and she was totally rocking the mid-drift/ muffin top look. I figured her Daddy wouldn’t appreciate that, so I gladly went and put a 0-3 month outfit on my 3 month child! I think I shed a couple of tears. I was that excited! My favorite milestone we are upon is smiling. It is still more spontaneous, but our pediatrician told us to give it a couple of more weeks and it will begin to be reciprocal. I will do a happy dance for sure!

I wanted to do this post so I would always remember what these days were like. Even though the days are long, trying, and crazy, my heart is so full at the end of the day. Being a mom is truly the most rewarding gift.

If only I had four hands.

Happy Wednesday/ almost Thursday everyone!

Mary Kate

2 thoughts on “If Only I Had Four Hands

  1. Althea says:

    What a awesome day!!!! Love reading about what happens each day and then to see a photo, really makes a great day. The White girls are “growing” so fast. Thanks for sharing your babies with us.

  2. Aunt Ashley says:

    You can expect these two hands to arrive around 1pm tomorrow with cinnamon chip bread and a chicken, bacon, ranch pizza from Hawthorne’s in tow! Looking forward to seeing you and finally holding my great nieces!!

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