Welcome to the Funny Farm

Welcome to the Funny Farm, y’all. It’s the one with the Christmas wreath still on the front door!

We are three days away from March and Christmas was two months ago. Yes, I do believe it is time to take down my pretty Christmas wreath adorned with red holly. And, our neighbors are probably wondering when we are going to stop announcing we have two baby girls. Yes, the two pink bows are still on “The White’s” sign by our front door. We are going on four months here. I am sure they all know we are all home now… these girls have some screaming lungs on them when they are ready for a bottle!

ImageAnyways… the girls, Andrew, and I had a wonderful weekend. On Saturday, I turned this place inside out and did some deep cleaning. You wouldn’t think it now… but I promise you I cleaned. On Sunday, Andrew and I had a relaxing day with the girls! We enjoyed the beautiful sunshine and took the girls out for their very first stroll! We went out to the beautiful Lake Lynn, and I made the mistake of wearing pre-pregnancy flats. No ma’am… y’all pray for me. I don’t know what I am going to do come spring. My whole wardrobe…shoes… maybe this is why I’m holding onto keeping my Christmas wreath on the front door. It makes me feel like I have a little while longer to fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes. Sigh.

This is our last week with full-time help from our sweet mothers! Words can not begin to express how appreciative we are that they have sacrificed their time to be here to help us at any point. We could not have survived this first month without them! My ‘Mam-mas’ came to visit us on Monday, and Mrs. Kathy has been with us the past two days. Yesterday, I was able to go and grab lunch with my best friend, Emma. Oh…that time was so good for my soul. This girl has been with me through every stage of life. Even the awkward stage…we battled it together. I believe that time bonded our sisterhood forever. This morning, I got ready for the day so early I thought I was dreaming. Let’s be honest…it’s a good day if I change out of my pajamas and get ‘dressed’ in yoga pants and a t-shirt. So, I thought I was doing pretty good to leave the house on time, dressed and ready. And, even with my lack of sleep, some what energetic. I ventured out and went to the March of Dimes Triangle 2014 Kickoff! I am so glad I was there. I was able to meet other mothers with similar stories and staff members for the March of Dimes. I connected with one mom, and her twin boys were born at UNC. Get this: they were in the same bed spots as our girls! How crazy! It turns out that we had some of the same nurses on both the 3rd floor High Risk Unit and in the NICU. It makes my heart happy the instant connection that mamas of preemies have!

After a great time at the March of Dimes Kickoff, I thought I was doing good with functioning off little sleep! Okay…I got this… wrong. Since Mrs. Kathy was at home with the girls (and I was dressed in something besides sweats/ pajamas)… I decided to check out this boutique consignment sale (because every Southern girl needs smocked/ monogrammed outfits of course…)  The whole way down Glenwood Ave. as I was singing my lungs out to Deanna’s Carter Did I Shave My Legs For This? album, it was Thursday (not Carolina) in my mind. I arrived at the location of the sale, walked right in, started looking at the clothes on the rack, and sure enough… a kind lady approached me and asked if I was bringing in clothes. I said, “No ma’am, I am just browsing. Thank you for asking!” As I started to go about my merry way, she said, “Well honey, the sale starts tomorrow. Perhaps you can come back then!” It felt as if my face immediately turned about the shade that NC State will be wearing tonight: red red red. Needless to say, I will go back to the sale in a disguise. Possibly my every day attire: yoga pants, no make-up, and greasy hair. I will go back though. Mama is coming tonight and will be with the girls, and I spotted two NCSU smocked dresses that I am determined to make mine. When I arrived back to the Funny Farm, it warmed my heart to see my two sweet bundles of joy. While things have been a little ‘funny’ around here lately (who am I kidding…things are always a little funny with our family!) we are having the time of our lives. I wouldn’t trade my ‘Funny Farm’ for anything in the world.


Well, it’s time to feed these girlies again… and probably take down the Christmas wreath.

Ta-Ta from the Funny Farm,

Mary Kate

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Funny Farm

  1. Althea says:

    Love the updates!!!! Your girlies are growing way to fast. So enjoy reading about the “White” family and what happens from day to day!!!

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