Princess Lessons

Well…by the time I got to the upscale boutique sale (on Thursday…not Wednesday) the NCSU smocked dresses were already gone. I did rack up on a few other cute outfits, and I also brought something else home. A cold. With two preemies who are at a high-risk for RSV/Cold/Flu/ anything that is viral pretty much = no bueno. Also, I never knew that wearing a mask could be so fashionable. It totally goes with a big sweatshirt, baggy pajama pants, birds nest hair, and no make-up. Safety comes first of course! Thank goodness that ‘Neva’ is here to take care of her babies. Her big baby and her little grand babies. Bless her heart, she didn’t realize what she was signing up for when she left home the other day. Even when you are older, you just can’t beat having your Mama when you are sick. It is the best!

Needless to say, I have had to distant myself from the girls today. Except when it is time to feed of course…thus, bring on the mask! Today, I have done absolutely nothing. I have sat in our big chair, caught up on our DVR recordings and searched the guide for movies. While I was searching, I came across the perfect movie. Some may call it silly or childish, but my childlike ways came out today. My grandmother took me to see The Princess Diaries when I was in the sixth grade. It became one of my favorites! I am not sure if it was her really cool bedroom, her awkward tendencies that eerily resembled my own, or the fact that she became a princess…duh. Maybe it’s the codeine in the cough syrup or the fact that I am now a mother, but I saw this movie in a whole new way today. While watching the movie, I thought about some things that I want to teach my daughters as they get older. What better way to remember these things than to blog about it! Because let’s be honest, after the codeine wears off I will not remember them in the morning.

I have just loved this day. It’s one I definitely want to always remember.

Amelia and Leah,

1. One day, I promise we will throw darts at blown up balloons filled with paint. Be creative.

2. Being your mother, you are genetically given my clumsy nature. Embrace it. Flaunt it…as gracefully as you can.

3. Stay true to yourself. If you happen to experience an awkward stage (Which you will…I am your mother…it is pretty much inevitable) don’t try to turn yourself into someone else. God says He makes all things beautiful, that includes you my daughter. You are always beautiful.

4. Accept all that life brings your way. Have the courage to do what you must even when you are afraid.

5. Think of others. You are not the only person on the planet. Try to refrain from using the word ‘I’ 99.9% of the time.

6. There are mean girls out there….Lana, Anna, Fontana, Bandana…you’ll know these girls. All I can tell you is to kill them with kindness, girlfriend.

7. Putting on panty hose is a struggle for all women. Even when you are a princess.

8. A first kiss should be toasted, treasured, and savored. And if your foot pops like in the old movies… that is perfectly okay! Just make sure there isn’t a fishing net in the way.

9. You will always be a princess in your Daddy’s eyes.

10. Lastly, never try to rescue a grape that dropped off your plate at a royal dinner. Or play with your name card near fiery candles. It never ends well.

Love Always,

Your Mama

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