Five Minutes

Yesterday morning when I woke up, I was not quite sure how the day would play out. I sent Andrew off to work with a sleepy good bye, and crawled back into bed for just ‘five more minutes’… we all know how this goes. Five minutes turns into fifteen, that turns into thirty, that turns into a, “Shoot! I’m gonna be late!” This sums up about every morning of my undergraduate career pretty much. What can I say? These sleepless nights and cough syrup don’t agree with me getting out of my pajamas to get ready before…well, never.

I jumped out of bed, changed into the first thing I could find that wasn’t pajamas or spit-up stained yoga pants…that took a while, and immediately searched for the dry shampoo. Who has time to shower when you have to feed two babies, get them changed, and loaded into the car all within 40 minutes? Certainly not I. I must have been so excited to find the dry shampoo that I was a little heavy when I coated my hair into its mighty wonders. When I looked in the mirror, after all of the fumes died down of course, all I could see was gray…yes, my hair was indeed a nice shade of grayish white. I found it quite hilarious in all actuality, and I believe I said to myself, “Well, the pediatrician is going to get a kick out of this one! Gray hairs in only one month!” So, here we go. Fast forward to an insane forty minutes later and we were all out the door. It only took an act of congress. And, another act was passed for getting us out into the car. I seriously need a WIDE LOAD sign on my caboose… I mean, it’s literally gotten wider since the pregnancy and strap two car seats onto my hips? We are talking OVERSIZE LOAD, people.

When we made our grand, wide entrance into the pediatrician’s office, there was a kind lady with her 3-week old. Her sympathy with me this morning helped after that hectic hour of getting everyone out of the house. We exchanged words about the difference between singletons and twins, and the conversation ended like all the ones I have had prior to this…”God bless you child, you are a better woman than me. I’d be in the loony bin if I had two of these…I don’t know how you do it. Lord, I thought I had it bad.” I kindly smiled and said, “Yes ma’am, thank you. It’s a challenge for sure, but we are twice blessed!”

I went on about my merry way, and we all survived our first appointment alone. It took us twice as long to get out of the doctor’s office, but we survived. The moment I am about to tell you made the craziness all worth while: the girls weigh over ten pounds now! For any preemie parent, this moment is a HUGE milestone. We are officially in double digits! Amelia weighs 10 lbs. 12.5 ounces, and Leah weighs 10 lbs. 10.5 ounces. This great news helped us endure what was coming next: the Synagis vaccinations. While it is extremely hard to see their little lips quiver in pain, I recall everything they had to endure in the NICU. I just hold their tiny little hand, rub their sweet heads, and tell them this is nothing to what they have already overcome. They are such strong little girls, and their Mama and Daddy are so proud of them.

When we left the office, I had to have a large sweet tea to celebrate. Andrew and I are cutting out Char-Grill and soft drinks for Lent (this may or may not be a stronger test to our marriage than the NICU, but I know we will be stronger…and much healthier for it!) but I just needed a sweet tea. The girls and I decided to swing into Chick-fil-A to see Daddy at work after our big visit at the pediatrician! I am really excited about the day we get to finally venture inside, but for now the curbside service is perfectly suitable.

Our day seemed to be shaping up pretty nicely despite the shaky way that it all started! And, by the end of the day I got two free cases of formula from Enfamil (this is huge!), Andrew’s store provided supper for us tonight, and I found out I won Melanie Shankle’s aka ‘Big Mama’ her Marriage in Six Words contest! (I may or may not have jumped on the furniture like a child and almost fell through our screen glass door out of excitement… I have never won something like this before!) Talk about a GREAT DAY!

While all of the above definitely added a few extra peps in my steps, what I am able to do every day and night is the absolute best part.

photo 1(6) (This is Amelia) I love night time with the girls. I love seeing their different facial expressions at bath time and when we are getting ready for bed. This is my favorite part of the day. Tonight, I dressed them in gowns and I sat them on the couch in their favorite mumbo pillows. I read to them one of my childhood favorites, I’ll Love You For Always. As I was reading to them, my conversation with the other mother in the pediatrician’s office this morning came back to my mind. Each day does present its new challenges as a mother, especially being a mother to twins. I do realize that these challenges will only get harder and harder as the years go by. Although, as their mother, I will rise to these challenges and seek the Lord’s guidance and discernment. A simple challenge now is how to address the day at 2 am… then 6 am…you get the picture. While I do need sleep to be able to function, I don’t want to spend these days only longing for the days that I will be able to sleep in without someone crying in the baby monitor.

photo 2(5)(This is Leah) Because the truth of the matter is this: that cry is for me. They need me, and quite frankly… I need them. Sometimes I forget that I am only 22 years old. I still have a lot to learn, and I believe the two miracles that God placed before me are His vessels that He is going to use to teach me. All of the challenges and the moments that could definitely be a part of a circus routine, far out weigh the moments we see double the smiles. Time is going to go by really fast. Time is already going by really fast. While these days may run on little sleep and dry-shampooed hair, I will embrace them. They are my daughters, and I will love them forever. I will like them for always. As long as I’m living, my babies they will be.

No matter what stage of life you are in, don’t let the days slip out from under you. Each day has something good to offer… it may be as simple as that extra five minutes of sleep.

Enjoy them for me—

Mary Kate

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