A Day in the Life: Emergency Room Edition

I am quickly learning that at the end of the day as long as everyone is fed, has clean underpants, and breathing we have survived. Not every task on the to-do list is going to be accomplished. You can make plans all day long, but your day never seems to go quite like you had anticipated. Who am I kidding? It’s a good day if you are able to cross off one task. The laundry will still be there…unfortunately. And if your kitchen was given a bad rating if the Health Department invaded your home spontaneously… well, it will be okay. I can’t apologize for the explosion of bottles and nipples that have overtaken our counter tops.

photo(42)Needless to say that the White family has had one of those days. Don’t get me wrong, I have been surprised at how easy some days can be. We are beyond blessed with really good babies! I think to myself, “is this really it? I thought this was going to be so much harder with two infants.” ” And then there are days like today that bring me back down to reality.

Yesterday morning the girls slept till 9:45!! I was shocked. I found it ironic that it was April Fool’s Day because them sleeping-in that late WAS a joke. I knew our late morning yesterday was too good to be true! Our Miss Amelia woke up on the dot this morning at 7:15! While I was changing her diaper and outfit, I noticed something wasn’t right with the middle toe on her left foot. I couldn’t tell what exactly was around her toe, but I could tell it was cutting off the circulation.


We both inspected and tried to see if we could help her ourselves…and with sterilized tweezers. Unfortunately, this ‘string’ was wrapped around her baby toe tight. Then, the frantic move to throw on yoga pants, tennis shoes, a shirt without spit up on it, and a messy bun began. I was looking, good… ha! I am so thankful that Andrew had not left for work. I can not imagine my nerves as I tried to get myself ready, two bottles, two girls, two car seats, and everything in between if I were home alone. He stayed at the house with Leah, and I drove Amelia to the Emergency Room at REX. When we got there, I probably looked like MONK with my Wet Ones as I wiped down every surface in the waiting room that surrounded us. We got checked in, and I had to feed my screaming baby in the waiting room…of an emergency room…I may write the Wet Ones corporation a sincere thank you letter.

After we witnessed a police investigation and a dislocated shoulder, Amelia and I were called back. My sweet baby (#2) was so brave as she had to get a shot in her toe to numb the area. They removed what was cutting the circulation off with a scalpel, and she got a nice pretty bandage! THIS IS A WARNING FOR OTHER MOTHERS: check out your babies precious feet! We think that it was a loose string in Amelia’s sleeper that got caught around her toe. Only my daughter, right? That is what I thought. NO! This has become a very common thing and can happen very easily. I’d hate to hear you had to join me in my effort to clean random Emergency Rooms. Check your babies feet!

Thanks to my best friend, Emma, who is always in crisis mode with me (she’s been my best friend for 10 years…she is well aware of my accident prone history…) she came over to keep Leah so Andrew could meet me in the ER. You would think that the rest of the afternoon would be a piece of cake compared to the morning, but no….these twins like to keep things interesting. We had to get back out to go to the Pediatrician (because I was paranoid after cleaning Amelia’s toe myself and saw the string had actually sliced her toe open)…this was our adventure. We were late due to Leah’s urge to have a massive blowout before leaving home. At the pediatrician, Amelia decides it would be a good idea to projectile all over our nurse and her scrubs. You know it’s bad when your nurse says, “Here you should probably take her.” My poor Amelia Grace, bless her heart. I think have had a rough day… she is a lot stronger than her Mama.

Not to mention the fact that we were attracting everyone’s attention with our huge double stroller (that I can not drive in tight quarters…I’m learning…it’s embarrassing in the mean time) and my appearance probably didn’t help too much. Oh well, Daddy made us all feel better when we went to see him at Chick-fil-A. Mama needed a large sweet tea, and Daddy needed his tennis shoes to go to the gym. If it isn’t one thing… it is another.

Today is a day in the life of parenting that I will never forget. Although today was long, trying, and presented its challenges: we survived. It’s in this very moment sitting with Andrew and the girls that I realize I would rather have 1,000 days like today than to face any day without them. Even if I have to start my morning disinfecting an emergency room.

Screen shot 2014-03-17 at 12.19.20 AM

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