Dancing in the Dumpster

Happy Monday!

Well, we didn’t find a parking spot at the park this weekend. We also didn’t go to the park. To find a parking spot at the park, it’s quite possible you have to actually get in the car and go. Instead, our plans changed! We had every intention to get out and jump start Mama’s post-baby work out routine, but… the ole’ saying, “Ah….. we’ll just start on Monday!” came into play after we got home from visiting my girls at Panera Bread and Daddy got home from work later than expected. Well, today is Monday and it is currently raining cats and dogs outside. Ah… we’ll just start Tuesday, then! Sounds good to me! That double stroller is going to kick my tail.

Despite the fact that we started our weekend with car keys in the dumpster, it was marvelous! Yes. You read that correctly. On Friday night, I made a pit stop to take our trash to the dumpster on my way to pick up dinner. It was a day that my method of cooking was getting dinner as fast as I could dial! I figured I would check the mail while I was out (it’s probably good to check your mail every once and a while, right?) so… I cut the car off and keys in hand, I threw the trash in the dumpster. Here’s where it got sticky… literally. I threw my keys right along with the trash. Just my luck! Luckily, I could see them down in the dumpster/ trash compacter. While staring at them, all I could think about was my pretty Brighton key chain getting compacted and having to pay an absurd amount of money to the Toyota dealership for a new car key. I have learned from prior life experiences that there was no way if I jumped down into that dumpster to rescue my keys that I would ever get out on my own. Then, all I could think about was me in a dumpster and our fellow Highland residents coming to dump their trash and find a frantic, crazy woman in the dumpster. Talk about a freak show! So, I called Andrew and all he was worried about was our dinner being cold. I left the car and walked back to the house to stay with the girls while Andrew went to attempt to get my keys out of the dumpster. After about twenty minutes with no word from Andrew or any sight of my keys, I got worried. I contemplated putting the girls in their car seats and strolling them up to the dumpster, surely to find my husband standing alone in a pile of trash. At that moment, the door opened and I saw Andrew with my car keys and dinner. I have no clue how he managed to get them, but he did! He is my hero!

photo 5(2)

On Saturday morning, the girls and I went to meet my friends, Amanda and Amber, at Panera Bread. Amanda and Amber are in the close group of girlfriends I have from UNCG, and conveniently live close by in Apex! This was their first time meeting the girls, and it was so great to finally be able to take them out and show them off a little! They were covered in the stroller the whole time, and were such good girls allowing Mama a chance to catch up with my friends. It was a great start to a beautiful day! I came home and decided to fix BBQ Chicken, homemade mac & cheese, and roasted broccoli for dinner (check back tomorrow for recipes!)  I was in a cooking mood! (Also, haven’t tried the peanut butter granola…yet. I made brownies for dessert instead. I know, terrible. That was another, “Ah…I’ll just try that on Monday!” thing…) When Andrew got home, we decided to stay in and relax with the girls. Our afternoon consisted of tummy time, drool, reading books, drool, watching Veggie Tales, drool… and more drool. The girls are starting to teeth and I am convinced it’s easier to keep them in a bib and a diaper. Therefore, I don’t have to be changing a soaked outfit every 20 minutes and we don’t run a risk of a string getting caught around a toe! (Neither of the girls have slept in a onesie/ sleeper since last Tuesday night. I have only put gowns on them! A little paranoid, ya think?)

photo 3(4)

photo 4(4)

photo 2(7)

photo 1(8)Yesterday was pretty much the same! We enjoyed a day at home all together, and we may or may not have taken the girls to their first trip to Target. It was a magical experience! For me, not for them. They slept soundly in their car seats the entire time. They didn’t even get to see everything that was on clearance! Don’t worry, I still showed them. As my children, they are destined to love Target and its mighty wonderland of Up&Up goodies.

Last night, after dinner we watched the Academy of Country Music Awards. I was always so happy when I was little when Mama and Daddy allowed me to stay up past my bedtime to watch these! After her feeding, Leah didn’t seem to interested as she snoozed through the majority of the ceremony. On the other hand, Amelia Grace showed her love of music. I have never seen those little legs move as fast as they did when King George was honoring Meryl Haggard. I wish I had taken a video! I was too in awe of my future clogger as she kicked away and smiling the whole time. She boycotted bed time, and didn’t go to sleep till the show ended.

After we had both girls down, Andrew and I were still in a country music frame of mind as we turned up the tunes and danced. Yes… we danced off all the anxieties of starting a new week. I hadn’t seen Andrew shake his hips like that since he was Mr. Wuf! Needless to say we had a good laugh… it may or may not have been at each other or some of the lyrics to these songs… but, it felt so good to let loose and shake off all our worries. Now. We are very fortunate to have a video baby monitor to keep an eye on the girls during the day/ night. On our video monitor, is a handy dandy microphone that you can talk into so the girls can hear your voice in their nursery. This microphone has become more of a prank/ joke device for our family rather than a useful tool to calm the girls down. For example, the first night that Mama stayed with us after installing the new baby monitor, Andrew talked into the microphone and freaked Mama OUT! It was hilarious! During our late night music shenanigans, Andrew thought it would be funny to put the microphone right up to the computer speaker blasting Florida Georgia Line. My poor Amelia… her Daddy startled her! Lying there in her crib, her arms went up like she was praising the Lord and her knees went to kicking to the beat of the music. For all I know, my daughter probably had dreams of pick up trucks and mix-tapes with a little Hank and Drake. Bless her heart.

photo(43)Whatever my little girls dreamed last night they woke up with beautiful smiles this morning. It made the beginning to this dreary and stormy day a little brighter! In our house, the country tunes are still turned up. I have two happy girls kicking away to King George, and it truly warms my heart to see how a simple song about checking yes or no can make them smile. I pray they always have a love for music and will one day have the confidence to let loose and dance like no one is watching. I pray they will always have a heart to praise The Lord of the Dance, and will be confident in the person He created them to be. And, I pray if they find themselves in a predicament where they throw their keys in the dumpster they call on their Daddy. He’s not only my hero, he is their hero. Even when he dances like he is still wearing a furry costume.

Dance Like No One is Watching,

Screen shot 2014-03-17 at 12.19.20 AM

Also, the article about my friendship with Rebecca was published today! You can check it out here!



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