Hello Gorgeous.

You were probably all thinking I actually did get trapped in the dumpster after being on a blogging hiatus for two weeks. Thankfully, I did not get trapped into a dumpster. Instead, I got trapped into the everyday busy life of a Twin Momma. Even though there are moments I have felt like I have been in a dumpster (no shower…greasy hair…spit-up…drool…more drool…dirty diapers everywhere…) you get the idea… but, I am happy to be in this place.

The White family has had a busy two weeks! We have had wonderful visits with family and friends, the girls have finally met new friends, saw a fellow NICU friend HOME, turned 5 months! (SLOW DOWN TIME!), watched Uncle Matt play baseball (Thank You UNCW for the online viewing!), the Mama and Daddy got to go on a date, lots of play time, Mama became a member of Triangle Moms of Multiples in Raleigh, shopping, celebrated Super Dad, held hands, prepared for March of Dimes (four days and $70 away from $1,500!), celebrated our first Easter, and did some SPRING CLEANING. And, in the middle of our chaotic (teething/ drooling) days, I got a kidney infection. TMI? Sorry. It was no bueno for a while in our house… (aka) the house was an absolute wreck and the laundry was piled as high as Mount Everest… or so it seemed at the time.

Here are pictures to document the wonderful past two weeks!

IMG_2590 IMG_2575 IMG_2521  IMG_2516 IMG_3520 IMG_2487

IMG_2545 IMG_2546

IMG_2580 IMG_2590

IMG_2428 IMG_2446

10153763_4070507217826_9181286743163982218_n IMG_2597

IMG_2670 IMG_2656

IMG_2465 IMG_2746

IMG_2734 IMG_2686

IMG_2690 10151215_10152103335571089_806018540652319879_n

IMG_2706 IMG_2710


IMG_3581 IMG_3570

IMG_3578 IMG_3566 IMG_3585 IMG_3577 IMG_3568


Fun times, huh? It is going to get even better. The girls officially turn 3 MONTHS old (gestational age) on THURSDAY! This day means so incredibly much. This day is like our graduation from Cold/ RSV season. I have been so appreciative of how everyone has been so understanding towards our restrictions with the girls this winter, but now… we can officially have them out in public! (Without me spraying Lysol on every single person we come in contact with… that may or may not still happen.) I will still look like Monk with my Clorox/ Wet Ones wipes and 50,000 containers of hand sanitizers, but we are really looking forward to having more freedom.

Along with having more freedom outside of the house comes the inevitable… I can’t wear my yoga pants and big t-shirts everywhere we go. You ought to have seen our bedroom on Saturday night before Easter Sunday. My whole wardrobe was on our bed. I tried on everything. I may or may not have laid down on the floor and sucked in/out 75,000 times trying to prove to myself that the ‘baby workouts’ I had been doing and a couple of walks here and there (You can go away anytime now pollen! Thanks!) had been working and I could fit into my cute size 6 pants. I did it! Could I walk? No. Did they looked like someone had spray painted them on to me? Just about. ONE HOT MAMA, right? We’re past April Fool’s Day, y’all. I was only fooling myself trying to put on those pants. What was even more entertaining was trying to get them off by myself. I was only trying to maintain the little dignity I had left by not allowing my husband to see. Even though I know he would have helped me and made me feel beautiful nonetheless. But, needless to say, I found an outfit amongst the clothes piled on my bed. It was a miracle.

I think it is safe to say that every woman goes through a stage after pregnancy. You know… the stage in which you look in the mirror, question yourself, “Is that really me?”, and convince yourself the stretch marks on your side spell something out in Greek. Well, now that I can no longer hide in yoga pants and t-shirts… I have arrived to the stage. On Saturday night, I got so incredibly insecure about my body and appearance. I listed off a number of things I wanted changed… my eyebrows need waxing, I could stand a hair cut, a mani/ pedi would be amazing, my legs need shaving, there isn’t enough Cocoa Butter on the planet to take away these stretch marks, cellulite…I can’t even…, and the baby weight needs to come off. All the insecurities. On Monday morning, I saw a post from a blogger that I follow. THE LIPSTICK GOSPEL.

The post title: MY BODY ISN’T PERFECT. GET OVER IT. Well…I be john brown if she didn’t take the thoughts on my heart and put them right into words on this blog post. You can find the post here.

“Our bodies aren’t made to be statues of perfection. They’re meant to make babies. They’re meant to dance and to sleep and to snuggle. They’re made to eat cookies and eat icing with a spoon, and run, and be strong. They’re made to work and hold and kiss and love.” -Stephanie May

This article made me realize that I should give my body a break. This very body that I was criticizing gave me two of the greatest blessings in my life. So, yesterday I got dressed and ready in my size 12 jeans and large top. I walked out of the house in confidence with two 25+ lb. car seats on each arm. When we got home from running errands, I arrived home to a package from Stella & Dot. If you’ve never received a Stella & Dot package you are missing out! #1) for what is inside the package…hello best jewelry in the world, and #2) the adorable packaging that your jewelry is wrapped in. On the first box that I opened, there were the words clear as day: Hello Gorgeous. This made my heart smile! Who am I to be critical about a child who was created by the Almighty God? God created me to be unique, not perfect.

So, if you are going through this stage along with me, whether it is about your post-pregnancy body or not… join me in saying to yourself Hello, Gorgeous… then throw on whatever size jeans that are comfortable, girlfriend! Life is too short to spend your time sucking in and trying to squeeze into an ideal size of pants. It takes a while. Trust me!

Good-bye yoga pants (who am I kidding? Only when not in public.) and Hello Gorgeous

Screen shot 2014-03-17 at 12.19.20 AM


One thought on “Hello Gorgeous.

  1. Casey hall says:

    I am right there with ya, girl! I needed this little reminder today! Love your blog and the girls are so sdorable! “Two” Cute! 🙂

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