A Mother’s Day Surprise

Who doesn’t love a good surprise? It may be as simple as walking in the door and shocking everyone with a new haircut. Yes, that happened this week. My MIL came to spend time with the girls on Tuesday, and I decided to go get a hair cut while she was there to watch the girls. I have yet to find the right hair stylist in Raleigh. My hair resides in Wilmington with the sassiest, most beautiful hair dresser ever… Mary Stewart Teachey, y’all. My hair was yearning to go to Mary Stewart, but my busy baby schedule kept me in Raleigh getting my hair “trimmed” (HA!) at a walk-in salon… yes, I totally went there. I believe they were invented for mothers. In having to keep up with the schedule of two babies, when do you think I have time to keep up with my own? Um, the twelfth of never. So, I decided the walk-in salon would make due. It’s just a trim right? harmless. Well, that is unless you get the person who has a temporary license. Needless to say, TWO AND A HALF HOURS LATER… I come out with the… bob. The mom bob. It’s growing on me… but I may or may not have had tears in my eyes when I left…so much so that the manager of the salon called me the very next day. This was my Mother’s Day surprise. Amelia wasn’t too happy that my ponytail was gone!


It is hard to believe that tomorrow I will celebrate my first Mother’s Day… and the girls turn SIX MONTHS OLD. Yes. Six months ago tomorrow, the two blessings that made me a mother were born. This past week, I have thought a lot about our nurses, living May the Wright way, and my sweet Mama. After six months of being a mom, I can totally relate to my own Mama on a whole different level than before. I most definitely appreciate her more. The beautiful woman who gave birth to me, nourished me, rocked me, raised me, loved me, supported me, fought for me, taught me…literally, laughed with me, gave to me… well, she deserved a surprise.

This weekend is not only Mother’s Day it is also the Carolina Strawberry Festival in Wallace, NC! My lovely hometown. Three years ago, I passed out at this very festival and spent the night in the ER with staples in my head. Don’t ask… I wreak of accidental havoc, people. Thankfully, I will have a double stroller to help me keep my balance this year! The girls and I were planning to wait for Andrew to get off work today to come to Wallace for the weekend. On Thursday, Andrew and I decided that I would come a day early with the girls to surprise Mama at school! Shhhh….we are on our way!


Since November, I knew that when the girls were stable and out of isolation that I wanted to take them to HCA and personally thank the middle school students for their support and prayers. While the girls were in the NICU, this photo was given to our family. It now hangs right outside their bedroom, and is a daily reminder for how many people were praying for our girls.


Yesterday, the same group of students were able to witness the very two miracles that they prayed for for so long. I may have had tears in my eyes as I took this photo.

I hope these students realize that the very same God who saved my girls, is the same God who will do mighty works through them. It was so surreal to take this photo. Have mercy! So… of course when we took a trip to HCA, we just had to take L and A to get their first peppermint from Mrs. Newkirk. It was a blessing to get a picture with three of my favorite women from HCA. Former students can attest to this… you can’t get much better than Mrs. Matthis, Mrs. Maready, and Mrs. Newkirk.


Needless to say… I think we surprised her pretty darn good. I could totally tell by the way she seemed to be hyperventilating between crying and squeezing my neck. I love my Mama and let’s face it… I’m totally her. Only twenty-five years younger!

And there is no other person on this planet I would rather aspire to be like…what can I say? She’s simply divine.


I’m off to get ready to enjoy some strawberries with two of the cutest watermelons I have ever laid my eyes on… hey, it’s still in the fruit family. (This is what happens when you have twins and there is only one outfit in the store… more on that next week. #twinlife)

Happy Mother’s Day!

Screen shot 2014-03-17 at 12.19.20 AM




One thought on “A Mother’s Day Surprise

  1. Aunt Ashley says:

    That’s fantastic! I know a certain Great Gran who was pretty happy to see you and the girls last night, too. Have a wonderful weekend and Mother’s Day tomorrow. Can’t wait to see you at Topsail!! Watermelons at the Strawberry Festival….hilarious!

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