Washed By Water

Well, I promised you that my blog posts would be few and far between this summer! We have been busy bees working hard and playing hard! Just a quick update on our family of four since the last time I gave an update was…Andrew’s birthday…that was what? Over a month ago!

So here is how it’s gone down.

We traveled to Duplin County for Memorial Day weekend. Had some chicken wings…they were finger lickin’ good!

IMG_3714 IMG_3713

IMG_3727 IMG_3717 IMG_3719

IMG_3731 IMG_3740

We saw the baby brother off to Martinsville, VA where he has been doing his thing playing ball for the Mustangs! We are going to see him play in two weeks! [Insert my squeal through your computer…now.]

I may or may not have put the girls in the wrong crib…twice. We may or may not have put them in the wrong hats…twice. This identical thing? It’s getting a little more difficult!

I started full-time at March of Dimes! (I am already half-way through! Just how fast is time going?… and so thankful for a job that lets these two tag along!

IMG_3909 IMG_3703

Our porch got pressure washed and two days later we all had a sinus infection…pollen, you will not be missed at this house.

I grabbed my girlfriends and we took a trip to the BBQ capital of North Carolina to shop for the girls in a warehouse… it’s not sketchy at all. You can check out the adorable clothes here.


I realized I graduated high school five years ago. That was a nostalgic day, you can read about it here.

The girls turned SEVEN MONTHS OLD! They now weigh 15 lbs. and have mastered tummy time, rolling over, and giggling like crazy! The biggest news of all? We were given the ‘okay’ to take the girls off the special preemie formula! GLORY. HALLELUJAH. AMEN! This was a humongous step! They have adjusted very well to the up&up brand. Such an answered prayer! We have started sweet potatoes, squash, and apples. They can’t get enough apples! We drool NONSTOP. They’ve already tried to see if they can put their whole fist in their mouth. Amelia is blowing ‘drool bubbles’ and it’s the most precious thing I have ever seen…until Leah does it. I’m always in a ‘it’s the most precious thing I have ever seen’ cycle. We are amazed every single day at how well they are growing and developing. If only time could slow down!

IMG_3896 IMG_3890

Andrew worked his last day as General Manager at Falls Village!

IMG_3921 IMG_3918

We literally packed up our whole apartment (it felt like it anyway! You need a moving truck when you travel with two babies!) and took off to Topsail Island for a week of vacation!

Andrew celebrated his first Father’s Day! Besides the fact I had the stomach virus, it was a really special day. The girls were baptized! What a sweet day to dedicate our girls to be raised to serve our Heavenly Father than on Father’s Day! We had a wonderful day with family and friends. It was incredibly special to baptize the girls at the church I grew up in, the church where Andrew and I got married, and the same church that has prayerfully and graciously supported us through this journey into parenthood. You can watch the service here.

IMG_3805 IMG_3742 IMG_3819

IMG_3750 IMG_3745

IMG_3777 IMG_3803

IMG_3786 IMG_3787

IMG_3800 IMG_3794

IMG_3808 IMG_3814

Our week at the beach was absolutely incredible. I don’t think we realized how much we needed that time together! If you and I had another three hours, than maybe I would blog about our whole week. Seeing that I have dishes in the sink, clothes in the washing machine, and no sheets on the bed a quick overview will have to suffice.

I got a little red, go figure. Even with 50+ on! Darn you fair skin. I read this book with my toes in the sand, it was hilarious. You should check it out! Andrew and Daddy caught a few fish…and a few sharks. You think I got in the water after that? Um, no. Just the toes! My heart melted when I put the girls in their bathing suits. We have some pretty cute beach babes! We ate a lot of seafood, and I don’t regret the first fried shrimp or fried hush puppy that I put in my mouth. I ate a salad for dinner tonight, it totally balances out! ha! We got to hang out with family, fun times! Noah put me under a magic spell, I totally might still be a lizard. Not quite sure! Andrew got stuck in the Dairy Queen, while Mama, the girls, and I battled Big Bertha II in the car. Is it bad that the lightening scared us more so than the girls? Who are the babies, now?! We stopped at the Blueberry Festival to see ‘Aunt Roo’ on the way back to Raleigh, and got some amazing blueberries from Jenna’s family. Ivanhoe Farms. AMAZING BLUEBERRIES, for real. Sadly we had to come back to Raleigh and missed Liza and Blake’s wedding! She looked absolutely beautiful, and in true Blake fashion he was rocking the skinny tie and vans. Welcome to the family, Liza!

IMG_3839 IMG_3834

IMG_3840 IMG_3865

IMG_3872 IMG_3902

IMG_3891 IMG_3883

IMG_3877 IMG_3912

IMG_3921 IMG_3923

IMG_3934  IMG_3894 IMG_3936

IMG_3987 IMG_4039

IMG_3996  IMG_4001

IMG_4058 IMG_4073 IMG_4074

IMG_4061  IMG_4079

IMG_4056 IMG_4104

IMG_4098 IMG_4112

IMG_4051 IMG_4090

IMG_4096 IMG_3947

IMG_4138 IMG_4147  IMG_4141

Then, reality hit. Vacation was over.

We unpacked and moved back home.

Andrew started his new position at Capital Crossing this past Monday, and I continued the grind at Suite 100.

Are you spinning yet? I know I just threw a whirlwind at you! Needless to say, the White family is still spinning. We will see you back next month for a family update!

Because let’s face it… it’s summertime and the livin’ is easy. (Easily chaotic!)

Can we go back to Topsail already?

Happy Thursday!

Screen shot 2014-03-17 at 12.19.20 AM




One thought on “Washed By Water

  1. Vic and Mary Thompson says:

    God is so good! Andrew and you are amazing parents to your beautiful daughters. What precious blessings from the Lord are Amelia and Leah! Thank you for sharing updates and photos with us!
    We are continuing to remember your family in our prayers! Congratulations to Andrew and you as you work so hard at home and at work. You can do it with God’s help…
    Vic and Mary Thompson

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