Losing My Marbles

Y’all. My babies turned EIGHT MONTHS old one week ago today! I have found that one month can make all the difference in the world. At seven months, I still saw them as my tiny babies. They were finally starting solids, getting used to their exersaucer, and still fitting in size 2 diapers. So much has happened in this one month!

Such as… the girls experienced their first Fourth of July! They loved the fireworks!

IMG_3984 IMG_3978 IMG_4006

We all met Larry the Cucumber and Bob the Tomato from Veggie Tales! Afterwards, we the girls went to Char Grill for the very first time!

IMG_4365 IMG_4383

We started running in the new BOB, and we went on our very first double date with the Lee boys!

IMG_4569 IMG_4360

These girls are hardcore serious about their food now. They love squash, sweet potatoes, and can’t get enough apples! Amelia is way messier when eating than her sister. Let’s just say I may or may not have thrown her in the sink to hose her down a time or two!

IMG_3962 IMG_3960

The bouncer chairs are a thing of yesterday, “Put us in our exercausers, Mama!”IMG_3971 IMG_3973

Their chunky thighs have to be squeezed into their Bumbos.

IMG_4446 IMG_4433

The play mats are getting too small. The struggle is real when learning how to sit up, but boy are they trying!

IMG_4595 IMG_4594 IMG_4593

And crawling? It’s truly only a matter of days. We could take stock in Infant’s Tylenol and Orajel. Still no teeth yet, and I pray every day that they would bust on through! Until then, the baby girls may just have to go naked. Mama can only change an outfit so many times a day! Darn you, drool. It wasn’t until the other day that it hit me: the girls have officially been outside of my belly, longer than they were inside. That just doesn’t seem real. It truly feels like yesterday that I was eating my weight in Cinnamon Toast Crunch 3+ times a day, and now here we are. In the midst of chaos, a house full of toys and baby gear, and piles of dirty laundry.

Every minute of the chaos is worthwhile as I watch the girls grow and develop. They are such happy babies! Both of the girls smile all of the time, and have the sweetest giggle. It is music to my ears! We can see the bond between them growing. The other day, I was in the kitchen fixing supper when I heard them ‘chattering’ back and forth when Leah started giggling to Amelia. That was a moment I will never forget, until Leah started kicking Amelia in the head that is. Then it was a moment that ended in a dramatic meltdown. Yes, at eight months the love of sisterhood is already beginning.

Their personalities are starting to show, and there are some days I am convinced they switch-up on me! It seems that we definitely have one of each on our hands. Amelia is like her Daddy, calm, laid back, and has sense of humor. This girl can pass some gas with the best of them y’all… I am not even kidding. She loves to make us laugh. If we are laughing, she joins right in! She is also very curious. The other morning, I walked into their nursery to find her head between the cushions in her bumper pad. So, the bumper pads went bye bye! Take a look at our curious little one…

IMG_4583 IMG_4584 IMG_4585

Leah, is her Mama. Through and through. She is into everything and is so ready to be on the go she can’t stand it! Leah loves books and reading. I bought the girls a few toys the other day at Target, what do you think Leah’s favorite is? The shopping bag and the telephone. We are in trouble! Leah is our giggler to the extreme, but she will let you know in a heartbeat when she isn’t happy!

Both of the girls love when Daddy comes home. He always gets the biggest smiles out of them! They are talking up-a-storm! Everything still sounds like bahs and ahs, but we are getting there! They both make the sweetest sound when they are going to sleep and when they first wake up. It’s adorable! Leah loves sticking out her tongue, and Amelia can’t seem to blow enough bubbles. One thing about it? These girls love a ballpark. We loved watching Uncle Matt this past Saturday night!

IMG_4581 IMG_4562

And another thing? They make the cutest little cows I have ever seen in my life.

IMG_4534 IMG_4508   IMG_4537 IMG_4538 IMG_4540


As for losing my marbles? In a way, I am. The thought of my babies turning ONE? It seriously makes my mind go crazy. How can a year happen so fast? Well, it can. The day the girls were baptized, my sweet MIL gave me a jar of marbles. As the Children’s Ministry Director at Daystar Church in Greensboro, she is responsible for the baby dedications. One thing that she puts together is a jar of marbles for the parents to keep. She was kind enough to share this gift with us on such a special day. In this jar is a marble for every week until Amelia and Leah graduate from high school. We are to take one marble out of the jar each Sunday. This is a reminder for us as parents to never take a moment for granted. Even if they involve monstrous blowouts, absurd amounts of drool, and meltdowns that seem to last as long as an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. These are the moments and the days that I always want to remember. Before I know it, my precious baby cows will be celebrating their first birthday.

Until then, I will just continue losing my marbles!

Screen shot 2014-03-17 at 12.19.20 AM

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One thought on “Losing My Marbles

  1. Aunt Ashley says:

    Leah is her mama until beddie bye time and then Amelia is Geneva and Mary Kate, Jr. talking and squirming in her sleep all night!

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