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In the past two weeks, we have officially graduated from college, organized and sorted through 20+ years of countless memories, spent a day in Chapel Hill, celebrated our anniversary, met Mr. Wuf, celebrated NINE months of the baby girls, endured our first consignor experience at the Triangle Moms of Multiples sale, and been to Williamsburg, VA to ride some roller coasters and go back in time. You would think one would slow down, but we’re getting back in the car and going to Wallace this morning for three days!

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So, yesterday the baby girls napped like they’ve never napped before… (maybe we should go on vacation more often?) And, I had one-on-one time with the washing machine. Some might say it’s my new best friend. We have a love-hate relationship.

I can’t believe our girls are nine months old! Why does time have to go by so fast? On Friday, August 8th, we went back to Chapel Hill for our follow-up visit from the NICU to the Special Infant Care Clinic. The girls were tested on developmental skills, both gross and fine motor. We met with a speech pathologist to explore ways we can help the girls begin to develop their speech and language. The girls are right on target for where they should be for their adjusted age (6.5-7 months). They are sitting up on their own, rolling from back to tummy, they support their own weight when we help them stand, and picking/ grasping toys. While they are creating their own language between each other, they are still communicating to us through smiles, giggles, and cries. They are babbling more vowel sounds, and have yet to start the “ba”, “da”, “ga”, and “ma” sounds. Thankfully, the girls don’t need any further services to help them along besides working with them at home. We will go back to Chapel Hill next spring to reevaluate where the girls are at that point in their development.

Last Thursday, the girls had their nine month check-up at our pediatrician. Andrew and I were elated at the news of how much our girls have grown! Leah is 17 lbs., 10 oz. and 27 inches long. Amelia is right at 17 lbs. and is 28 inches long. Amelia is off the charts in her height! And, this is not on the preemie chart! It has been such a humbling gift to see the handiwork of God from 2 lbs. 13 oz. and 3 lbs. 3 oz. to SEVENTEEN pounds!

Since I finished my internship, we have fallen back into a pretty steady routine around here. (For the most part!) I am learning that with two growing (almost toddlers…shh! We don’t like to speak of that word right now… I am totally in denial. They will be babies forever…) that every day is a new day. Each day brings new adventures in the world of Amelia and Leah. The girls are eating so well, and are consistent in sleeping 12 hours each night! We have had our nights when teeth rule the world, and we all just want to go to sleep. These are the nights that are followed by a minimum of two cups of coffee the next morning, and sometimes those cups are microwaved. Speaking of teeth, the girls officially have a tooth! It felt like we were working on them for forever!

The girls are not crawling yet, but if crawling were considered “scooting backwards” then the girls are professionals! I can go into the bedroom for a hot second, and come out to find Leah across the room and underneath the end table. We are starting to see little personalities develop! Amelia is our chill baby and Leah is our feisty one. Leah doesn’t like anyone to wake her up, she’ll get up on her own just fine. Amelia will wake up happily babbling and will entertain herself until I get into their nursery. They both ‘blow bubbles’ and laugh when they see the other do so. Amelia has started doing this fake cough, and Leah finds it really funny! They love to clasp their hands together and grab a hold of their feet. As much as they love their Wubbanubs, they love their fingers more. Leah sucks her two middle fingers, and Amelia sucks her thumb. As much as it worries me, it is nice to be able to quickly know who is who. We try to keep the television at a minimum for the girls during the day, but their favorite show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. They both love music, and their favorite toys right now are their musical instruments. They love to ring the bells and shake the maracas! They could easily sit in their exercausers all day long. They love them! I love seeing them interact with one another when they are playing in them. They’ll chatter in twin language and giggle when someone does something silly! It absolutely melts my heart. Both girls are fascinated with jewelry, and don’t quite know what to think of shoes yet! They love story time during the day, and cuddling before bed time. They both love their fruits and vegetables, but their favorites are blueberries, bananas, and squash. We are still doing bottles (they’ve yet to hold their own…that will be a glorious/ bittersweet day!) but they tried a few sips of water for the first time the other day. They didn’t know what to think at first, but came back wanting more! And one thing about it… these girls adore their Daddy! It makes me fall in love with Andrew even more when I see them all playing in the floor together.

IMG_4989 IMG_5231

Overall, the girls are doing so good. Amelia will have a follow-up with UNC Cardiology next week to check the status of her VSD. We’re hoping it has closed right along with Leah’s PDA! But, we are incredibly fortunate to have such healthy baby girls considering everything they have faced in their short life. They amaze me every single day, and I am so fortunate to be their mother!

In the coming weeks, I will be doing a series of “Mom” topics here on the blog and one in particular is on being a Consignment Mommy. I had a great first experience at the Triangle Mom’s of Multiples sale, and I look forward to sharing my experience with you! This series is going to be very real and fun… who knows, I may even do a post on what to do if your child has a blowout in the exersaucer and some drops out of the seat… cause that totally happened this week. I will spare you the details. I am excited to deliver to you lessons I have been learning in motherhood! Such as, how to take your 9-month old twins to an amusement park!



Speaking of amusement parks, we went with Andrew’s family to visit Colonial Williamsburg and Busch Gardens for a few days! We went to Colonial Williamsburg on Sunday and Busch Gardens on Monday. The last time I was at Busch Gardens, I was an awkward freshman in high school who tried to impress everyone by getting on every roller coaster possible. Even though all they wanted to make me do was puke my brains out, but that wouldn’t have been very attractive. So, needless to say the awkward teen who grew up to be a baby mama was a little paranoid to get back on some coasters. Andrew and his brother, Ben, made me ride Griffon for our very first ride. I freaked. Then, they wanted to ride on the front row. I freaked a little more. But, I saw how happy it was making Andrew that I was riding beside him (and that my MIL was thoroughly enjoying herself on the coasters too!) and my fears subsided. We ate lunch in Oktoberfest, and made it just in time for the 12:30 show. The girls were amazed! Thankfully, the majority of the day was overcast and breezy. We spent the afternoon riding more coasters and taking turns watching the baby girls. That was until the monsoon approached that kept us stationed in Oktoberfest for an hour! We decided to stay inside, watch another show, and hoping that the rain would stop by the end of the show. Well, it kept raining…and raining…and raining some more. The girls were getting a little restless, so we decided to make a run for it. With the double stroller covered in rain jackets in tow, we ran…and ran… and ran some more till we got to the car. By the time we all got buckled in, I looked like I had just done the ALS Ice Water Challenge. Despite the rain, we had a great few days! It was so nice to get out of Raleigh and do something different with the girls. The girls also sat in high chairs for the very first time (in a restaurant) this trip! This makes them seem so big, but definitely made things easier with a party of seven! We were sad Daddy had to go back to work yesterday, but it was so nice to have a few days away together as a family!

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IMG_4039 IMG_5211 IMG_5213

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Well, the baby girls and I are going to be making our way to Wallace soon. We’re looking forward to some morning runs in downtown, a shopping day with Nana, lunch with Uncle Matt, Bulldog football, and a bridal shower for a sweet friend of mine! We really don’t slow down around here, can you tell?

Next week, we will be making a BIG announcement on Simply Divine that I am so excited to tell you all about! No…Amelia and Leah aren’t going to be big sisters…but it’s still big! Stay tuned!!

On the go,

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