A Stylish New Dream

Well, we have been back home for two days and it has been wonderful! The only two places we have ventured out to has been the grocery store and the cardiologist. I went to the grocery store by myself this time because this experience was just too much…

IMG_5150Yes, that would be the girls buried in a mound of groceries. We were trapped in the grocery store due to a severe thunderstorm outside, so I kept the cart rolling and we shopped. We may have shopped too much, but how can you turn down $10/10 on the baby food? You can’t. Especially when you have two mouths to feed. They may or may not have tried to open the Blueberry Banana pouch more than once.

You can probably spot my guilty pleasure that was my favorite treat in my second grade lunch box… Swiss Cake Rolls. Awful, I know. What can I say? They keep me young.

The girls and I got back to Raleigh late Saturday evening after a quick trip to Wallace! We drove down on Thursday, and we ventured to Wilmington on Friday to have lunch with Uncle Matt and go to the dentist. Thankfully I didn’t have any cavities! Woo! Those Swiss Cake Rolls can get ya. While we were there, both girls decided to have blow outs in the car seats. Lovely! The receptionist allowed me to go into the meeting room to change the diapers… (you know the room that has a table and a computer screen where the dentist goes over how much money you’re about to spend at his office because you need braces, veneers, what have you…yes, that room.) I am quite certain that is the first time those walls have ever seen such, although I am sure that some people have wanted to &%#! their pants when they found out how much money they were about to spend.

On Friday night, I strolled the girls to Legion Stadium to watch the Bulldogs play. It was so surreal to walk out the back door and take the same route I walked so many times with my friends growing up! I have gone from spending an absurd amount of time in front of the mirror getting “game ready” to making sure I don’t have spit up on my shirt before walking out the door. My how times have changed! Things got even more surreal when I walked through those gates and saw the babies I used to babysit playing on the field. When did that happen? 

We finished off the weekend in Wallace with sweet visits with girlfriends! It was a fun trip, and I can’t believe the next time we will be there it will be for Steven and Jenna’s wedding! One month from today! Mama’s ready to get her groove on… 

Yesterday, we had a great appointment at the cardiologist! It was Amelia’s turn this time. When we went back to Chapel Hill a couple of weeks ago, they requested for Amelia to get another echo-cardiogram to follow up with her VSD and PDA ligation. Thankfully, there was no scar tissue around where they repaired her PDA! Her VSD is still there, but it has gone down significantly in size. Dr. Robinson seems to think that it will close on its own just fine! In his words, “She is essentially normal!” I told him that was a good thing seeing who her parents are! Some may say that Andrew and I are “essentially normal”… no joke.

Speaking of essentially normal, our lives together make for a unique story. I have heard from many of you that I just need to write a book.

Well, it’s happening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Somewhere in the mix of laundry, babies, and life, I am going to write a book. I believe that the Lord has given me a passion for writing and a passion for sharing our story for a reason. I am approaching one year with Simply Divine, and this little space has brought so much joy to my life. I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to encourage others and glorify God through my writing. I am so excited about fulfilling this new dream and sharing the process with you along the way!

In order to start saving for this new project of mine, I am becoming a stylist. And for those who thought my announcement was going to involve a baby, I am sorry to disappoint but this Mama won’t be styling a baby bump anytime soon. Mama is going to be styling jewelry!

photo(60)I am so excited to be teaming up with Mrs. Dona Lanier and becoming a Stella and Dot stylist! Can you hear the squeal from Raleigh?! I am pretty sure that is how Andrew woke up this morning when I ordered my sample jewelry! Who thought that this spit-up tee shirt wearing, yoga pants sporting Mama could come out of her everyday wear to style someone else? I mean, if I showed up to a Trunk Show wearing the aforementioned, the guests would probably run…and run far. This is an added bonus as to why I am becoming a stylist. It’s getting me OUT of my yoga pants. (Now is when you hear Andrew squeal!) Y’all I am seriously SO excited about this new opportunity. It is going to allow me to stay at home with the girls and save to begin the publishing process of my book.

If you are interested in hosting a trunk show in your home, online, want to shop for fun products, or have any questions contact me at marykwhite10@gmail.com! (THE HOSTESS CREDITS ARE UNBELIEVABLE!!!!) I already have a few Stella and Dot pieces and I am in love. I know that you’ll easily fall in love with them too! Seriously, it’s hard not to love this jewelry. Even celebrities are all about some Stella and Dot! Check it out here to see who is sporting some stylish pieces and what they are. Below you will see some pieces that I have worn! I wear these earrings and this bracelet almost daily.

Slide1For now, my first ‘job’ and priority has awoken!! I can’t wait to share this new adventure with all of you!

The New and Stylish Stella Mama,

Screen shot 2014-03-17 at 12.19.20 AM






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