Give Me Five!

A week ago, I made the exciting announcement of becoming a Stella and Dot stylist in the pursuit of writing a book! You can follow along in the new journey here! OR, HERE! YES. The Simply Divine Blog is officially on Facebook! Please join in the fun and go follow along!

Have. Mercy. What a week!

The baby girls went to their very first football game at Carter-Finley! I believe that Andrew has been counting down the days till he could take the girls to their first football game. Where do I begin? This place. This is the place where my Daddy sang the Alma Mater with his teammates after every ballgame. This is the place where my Mama would dress me up as an NCSU cheerleader for game day. This is the place where Matt and I grew up every fall. This is the place where Andrew and I sat with our families in the same section for ten years, yet we never met. (It took an elevator ride in Charlotte!) This is the place where Andrew led the team out of the tunnel (in a wolf suit, none the less!) This is the place where I fell in love with Mr. Wuf. This is where Andrew proposed. This is our place.

photo 1(15) photo(61)

photo 3(8) photo 4(7)

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Needless to say, it was surreal to dress Amelia and Leah up in their red and white to go cheer on the Wolfpack! What a special day!

photo 1(16) photo 3(9)

photo 4(8) photo 2(12)

I couldn’t believe how well the girls did in the 90+ degree heat and humidity! Especially considering the ballgame was in the middle of their nap time. This contraption was a life saver during the game. It helped keep the girls as cool as possible! If you happen to be as crazy as we are to take little ones to a ballgame this fall, trust me… it will be the best ten dollars you’ll ever spend in your life.

It’s crazy how fast this week has gone by! We are heading back to Carter-Finley tomorrow for another fun day of tailgating and cheering on the Pack!

This past week the girls and I have been busy cleaning out closets, gearing up for the new season, and learning new tricks. It’s official, y’all… their first word is Da Da. It honestly comes as no surprise to me! These girls adore their Daddy.

As we’ve been gearing up for the new season, ideas have been stewing to grow Simply Divine this fall! On September 26th, Simply Divine will celebrate one year! I can’t believe that it’s been one year since I have sat down and typed out the words I didn’t know quite how to say. Look at me now! You can’t get me to be quiet!!

Here are a couple of things to look forward to on the blog ::

Five on Friday

From following other blogs, I have seen a trend that many other bloggers do each Friday. Each Friday, you can check back here to see five things that I have either discovered (recipes, beauty products, clothing, accessories, books, etc.) that I would like to share or things I am looking forward to!

How It Fits Series

Over the past few months, I have received questions as to how to manage life with twins, manage life with twins in an apartment, how to coupon, how to consign, how to adjust the milestones, etc. SO… here on the blog, I am going to do a “How it Fits” Series where we will talk about how I make it all fit, and who helps guide me in putting all the pieces together. It starts next week!

So, since I am on my second cup of coffee and it’s Friday let me knock out my first, Five on Friday! Give me Five!

1. Melanie Shankle, aka Big Mama, is one of my favorite bloggers. She’s hilarious! She has recently done a series on Game Day fashion, and she recently did a post on Red, White, and Black fashion finds. I love this post and it gives me some great ideas for some upcoming games! She’s covered the majority of school colors! Go find your team and happy shopping!

2. I can’t Shake It Off. Taylor Swift’s new song has been stuck in my head all. week. long. I may or may not have slowed it down and turned it into a lullaby for bedtime. I may or may not have thought of different lyrics in my head to make a weight loss rendition of Shake It Off. It’s going to be my new anthem as I am heavily panting while running and pushing 60 lbs. I am going to have T-Swift beat, y’all.

3. Thrifty Littles. This discovery made my thrifty little heart happy! This Mama blogs and shares deals + trends for littles. I love the play kitchen she shared yesterday! Check her website out for some trendy and good deals for your littles!

4. ‘Tis the Season of tailgating, buckets of fried chicken, and gallons of sweet tea! I made these for our tailgate last weekend and they were a hit! Side Note: I substituted the blue cheese crumbles for 1/2 cup light ranch dressing and omitted the green onions.

5. THIS PICTURE. Have you ever?! How could this not be a favorite from this past week. We had the best time with Alexa last Sunday! We absolutely love this sneak peek, and can’t wait to see more!!

 10516676_10152267901012414_2297830699630699179_nHope y’all have a great weekend!

Screen shot 2014-03-17 at 12.19.20 AM






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