How It Fits Series: Do We Really Need Two of Everything?

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You want to know what is odd? Among everything that we faced through our pregnancy and NICU journey, one of the things that scared me the most was registering. Yes. I know. Call me crazy! Being surrounded by five different kinds of pacifiers and a scanner gun intimidated me more than a 17-hour run of constant monitoring and magnesium. Who would have thought? But, I think the act of registering is one of your first steps into actually realizing, “Oh snap. This is really happening. I am about to be responsible for a tiny human being, or two.”

It was a Sunday afternoon, and Andrew decided to stay home to watch the football game while Emma and I went out to register for upcoming baby showers. It was probably a good thing that Andrew stayed home seeing as how he registered for a wide assortment of dish towels (with random vegetables on them) for our wedding registry. So, we went to Babies ‘R Us and Target, and that was about all my nerves/ hormones could handle for one afternoon.

We started off with Babies ‘R Us. Bad idea, real bad idea. You see, in a matter of two months I had gone from a bride-to-be college student, to a graduate, to an expecting bride-to-be, to a bride, to a wife, and then to a clueless mother-to-be standing in the middle of aisles with equipment I knew nothing about. Needless to say, I slowly felt the walls that held displays of car seats and strollers come closing in on me.

Here’s the thing: I had no clue what to register for! Thankfully the kind people at Babies ‘R Us made a special list for mothers like me. Our apartment is only 968 sq. ft. Therefore, it can only hold so much.

Let me say this: every family situation is different. Our needs may be different than your needs. You may decide you like another stroller, car seat, bottle brand, etc. The list below is only to help guide you through the broad world that is known as the baby section. Also, I am gearing this towards moms of multiples, but if you’re only expecting one baby you get a 50% off of your total!

2 Car Seats w/ Bases: We chose the Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat. One reason in particular we chose this car seat was because the initial weight was 4 lbs. We have loved this seat. We purchased both seats at Target. Regular-priced they are $189.99, with base, but we got our seats on sale. If you create a baby registry at Target, they will send you $100 worth of coupons in the mail quarterly. These handy dandy coupons, using the Cartwheel App, and shopping the items on sale have helped us purchase clothing, formula, diapers, and our equipment (car seats, high chairs, and bouncers) for a great price! Seriously, how could you not love Target?

Double Stroller: You will find that not many places carry their double strollers in store. I had no clue about the Baby Trend Double Snap-N-Go, when shopping for a stroller. This is a cheaper and lighter option to use with your car seats. For Christmas, Andrew and I received the Chicco Cortina Together and we really liked this stroller for our girls. While the Baby Trend would have been more cost effective and lightweight, I personally liked the Chicco stroller because it provided more protection for our girls while they were still in car seats.

The only hesitation I have about the Cortina Together, would be the front seat and canopies. The back seat leans fully, but the front seat only leans back partially. And, the canopies do not provide much shade for either seat. This stroller is perfect for shopping, doctors appointments, etc., but it isn’t the best stroller for running. So, due to the shade/ jogging issue for the Cortina Together, we entered the market for a jogging stroller.

If you’ve ever had the nerve to goggle, “BOB Double Jogging Stroller“, your jaw probably dropped as much as mine did. Those jokers are expensive! After reading reviews and listening to the inputs of friends, my heart was set on purchasing a BOB. We knew we would have to purchase a used stroller, and so we decided to hold off until the upcoming consignment sales. In the meantime, I would check ads on Craigslist to see any deals I could find. Ultimately, we found an amazing deal for a stroller outside of Charlotte. It was in pristine shape, and we could not be happier with this stroller. It’s totally been worth every single penny!

In an upcoming post, I will tell you what I have learned in being a Consignment Mommy. One lesson in particular, you can snatch amazing deals on car seats and strollers at these sales.

Stroller Toys

2 High Chairs: Since we live in an apartment and have a tight eating area, we chose these Eddie Bauer high chairs. We received one high chair as a gift, and got the other high chair with using one of those handy dandy coupons! I love that these chairs have a classic look, and don’t take up a lot of space. I also think these Joovy high chairs and Ciao! Baby high chairs are pretty neat if you’re tight on space!

2 Bouncers: These were so helpful when the girls were tiny!

2 Exersaucers: I actually found these at a consignment sale, and got them for $15 each. The girls seem to like the activities around the seat, and the bouncing feature on the bottom. They are smaller than most exersaucers and jumperoos, so they work in our apartment. Also, our girls didn’t start using these until they were six months old.

Pack ‘N Play: This pack ‘n play has been awesome! The bassinet feature was really nice when the girls were smaller. The girls are ten months old, and we are just now thinking about what to do next as far as more space for them when we travel.

Baby Monitor: This monitor was on our registry, but we actually found a great deal for the same exact monitor ($150 less than original price…holla!) in an auction on eBay. My advice would be to put it on your registry, but be on the lookout for deals on Amazon, eBay, or Craigslist.

2 Bumbos We have used these for multiple things. Sitting in the shopping cart, eating, playing, and lately we have used them to help with bath time! I also like these Fisher Price and Summer’s Infant sit me up chairs.

2 Boppy Pillows: We actually received these at a shower, and I like these better than the boppy pillows! This pillow has a vibrating feature, and it would put the girls to sleep in no time when they were smaller. We also used these to help the girls sit up when they were on the floor. It would give them enough support, and helped them use the muscles necessary to learn how to sit up on their own. If they were to topple over, the pillow was there to catch their fall!

1 Twin Breast Friend: I used this pillow in the NICU when I was making my attempt to breastfeed the girls. Unfortunately, this didn’t work out for us, but I have heard this has been a lifesaver for other moms.

1 Breast Pump: I registered for this one, but since our girls were below a certain weight at birth, I received the same one I registered for through a grant at our hospital. What a blessing!

2 Baby Carriers: I registered for a Moby Wrap, but our girls did not like it at all. We purchased these baby carriers, but have only used them a couple of times.

1 Playmat

Sheets and Mattress Covers (at least 4)

Changing Pad and Cover (2)

Swaddle Blankets

Bibs and Burp Cloths

1 Diaper Pail and Refills

Wipe Warmer

1 Changing Pad Station: for Diaper Bag

1 Safety Kit: for Diaper Bag

Diapers/ Wipes: You will get plenty of these at baby showers. The only reason I would register would be to show which brand you prefer. We typically use Costco brand diapers and wipes, but will also shop the name brands (Huggies, Pampers, etc.) if on sale with coupons. Whatever is more cost effective at that time!

Bottles: We had registered for Dr. Brown’s bottles, but one of our NICU nurses told us that if the girls weren’t colicky that we shouldn’t even bother with the price or the parts. We use these bottles, and they have been the best thing ever. The disposable liners makes bottle washing so easy for me. My suggestion would be to have about 12 bottles, a full day supply for both babies.

Pacifiers: Our girls started with these in the NICU, and stayed with this particular brand until they got Wubbanubs for Easter. You can register for your preference, but be rest assured that your child will have their own preference as well. Our girls will not keep these kind of pacifiers in their mouth, which is a shame because we have about eight NCSU pacifiers that are similar to these.

1 Sound Machine

1 Bath Tub

Now, this is just a start to your registry! There are so many other things that you will need for your babies. Nursery furniture, clothes, baby lotions, Infants’ Tylenol, Gas Drops, etc. No need to fret: Babies ‘R Us has everything. Don’t let it overwhelm you or cause you any stress! Remember, you don’t have to register for absolutely everything. You will get more than you can imagine at baby showers! Enjoy this time. Enjoy registering! Simply relax, and enjoy what you are given and purchase. In the grand scheme of it all, all that a baby needs is love, care, and nourishment. Everything else is an added bonus to make our days easier!

And luckily, somehow all of the baby gear fits. You may not think it will, but you’ll find a way. Even if that means the ironing board unfolds on you every time you open the closet. More on that to come!

If you have any further questions about registering, products, etc. feel free to contact me here.

Happy Registering!

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