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I think it is safe to assume that we have all wondered at one point or the other where the time goes in our days. One minute you are groggy turning on the coffee pot and pulling out the ironing board, the next you are picking up toys at 11pm and wondering what you did during the in between. I can not even tell you how many days go by that I fail at crossing every single thing off of my to-do list.

Life happens. Babies have blowouts [and I mean blow outslike the crib exploded…seriously. Cars run out of gas in the middle of Wade Avenue. We lose our cell phones [sometimes that’s not always a bad thing…] Drinks spill. Lamps break.Your apartment complex has to call the plumbing company to come to your building at 10pm on a Saturday night. You step on a wooden block. [OUCH!] Go to drink a glass of milk, only to find out it expired three days ago. A lizard comes in through the front door. Life happens.

With two little ones on the move, we are finding our new normal. Long gone are the days I could blog during nap time or while the girls “quietly” played in the mornings. The girls have learned how to “talk” to each other from their cribs [i.e. stand, peek over each other, and just laugh] Therefore, nap time is a little different than it used to be. We are busy playing and learning when they are awake, or out and about going to Kindermusik, story time, or running errands. Toddler-hood is quickly approaching, and I am not sure that I am all that ready.

IMG_6192 IMG_6247

IMG_6231 IMG_6265

I am learning that each stage of motherhood is so different. As soon as we find a routine or what works for our family, a new stage comes along and we have to go back to square one: being clueless in the chaos. All this to say, I apologize for my lack of attention to my little blogging space lately. We’ve been a little crazy, but we are slowly finding our way back to normal… well, as close as we can get to at least. You are reading the words of a girl who burnt her eye ball with a curling iron…we are far from normal.

We’ve had a busy two weeks since my last posting! The girls celebrated ELEVEN MONTHS! We are only three weeks away from celebrating their FIRST birthday. I have yet to slow down from planning, imagining, pinning, and adding things to my cart on Etsy. I can pin away all day long, but I can’t talk about it. However, I refuse to be one of those moms that says, “My baby is 48 months old!” No, she is four. So, I have approximately 22 days, 15 hours, and 34 minutes to accept that my babies are going to be ONE. The babes visited PNC Arena for the very first time due to a lightening delay at Carter-Finley. I believe it was The Lord’s way of politely telling us to go home before sitting in the rain to watch the Wolfpack play, or lack there-of… bless our team’s little wolfie hearts. It’s just not our year. This week, the girls made their first trip to the North Carolina State Fair and to Kindermusik class! After Kindermusik, we waited for Daddy to get home from work to go to Green Acres Farm. Yes, it is the place to be. The girls enjoyed the hayride, swinging, picking out pumpkins, and seeing Mama and Daddy struggle through the corn maze. Darn that left turn and going in circles! Despite passing checkpoint #5 five times, we had the best time together as a family!

IMG_6307 IMG_6318

IMG_6323 IMG_6355

IMG_6332 IMG_6338 IMG_6357

IMG_6360 IMG_6362 IMG_6365

I did have five fun things to share with you this past Friday, but as you read earlier… life happens. I can’t recall if that was the blow out morning or the morning the maintenance man was here trying to fix our sliding door that has been broken for two weeks…they all seem to run together.

1. Simplified Planner by Emily Ley.

I have yet to join the 21st Century and use my iPhone or Google calendars. Are they the same calendar? I don’t even know. I love a good planner. I have been obsessed with my Erin Condren planner the past few years, but as a SAHM I don’t use it nearly as much as I did when I was a student. So, I have been on the market for a new planner. Yes, I know. Target has perfectly good and capable planners for a SAHM, but I have a relationship with my planners like no other. It’s weird, I know. I take notes. I jot down thoughts and to-dos. I circle dates. I make notes of scriptures for particular days. I plan. I organize. My planner is my go-to…I told you, weird. Emily Ley has measured up to the planner of my SAHM dreams! You have your monthly layout, and each day is broken down 7am to 7pm, a to-do section, notes section, and what you have planned for dinner. Or in our case lately, where to go for dinner. I have been captured by the simplicity of Emily Ley, and the fact she is expecting twins? We’re meant to be friends.

2. The Hair Bow Company.

Need accessories for your little one? Check out this online boutique that offers amazing deals on accessories from head to toe!

3. Miracle Baby Tees, Tink and Key.

I just ordered these for the big birthday! Perfect to celebrate our miracle babies!

4. Wishing Bracelet: Elephant, Stella and Dot.

I LOVE these bracelets! There is an also an arrow and wishbone. At only $19, these are a fashion steal!! Perfect stocking stuffer or holiday gift for your friends. And, did you know elephant is a symbol for strength? Yes. Mine is already on its way! You can shop online for them here.

5. Living Well Spending Less.

This is an awesome blog with great tips from living a clutter free life to cutting your grocery bill in half. Ruth shares great tips, and this month is doing a 31 Days to a Clutter Free Life challenge. She is taking a section of her home everyday and is sharing her tips on how to clean out the clutter your own home. Now I just need to implement her tips and cleaning schedule rather than just reading and admiring her work! [I personally like her post on her master bathroom. Andrew and I share a sink, and have no drawers. It is common that the sink becomes our ‘drawer’ space because everything piles up in the mornings. I long for the day to have drawers in my bathroom. I am woman for crying out loud! It is a necessity.]

And, since it’s Monday and who doesn’t need cheering up when the weekend is over… for your enjoyment, and my pleasure I wanted to share with you some girl talk.

Happy Monday!

Mary Kate

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