Our Story

How We Met ::

Beginning summer 2011, I started a Public Relations and Marketing internship with the Atlantic Coast Conference. Little did I know what a blessing this experience would be on my life! On December 1, 2011,  with a failed statistics exam and one dead car battery later, I headed towards Charlotte for the ACC Football Championship. This particular weekend I was a “Mascot Handler” in which I was a wrangler of sorts for all 12-ACC Mascots throughout the busy weekend of different events surrounding the Championship game. After arriving in Charlotte approximately 2 hours late, I arrived at the Westin in hopes my morning would not be a reflection of the weekend to come. This is when I met Andrew and my “bad day” quickly turned around!

Andrew, a student at NC State University, was in Charlotte for the weekend representing NCSU as none other than Mr. Wuf, the mascot.  I was on my way down to our office suite in the Westin from dropping off my bags when I met Andrew on the elevator. After introducing ourselves and learning he was this Wolfpack girl’s version of “Prince Charming” I quickly forgot about the dead car battery and bombed statistics exam. In fact, my response to my mother’s text concerning my car was, “Who cares about the cobalt?! I just met Mr. Wuf and he is hooottttttttt!!!” The rest of our weekend is history! Needless to say I was absolutely ecstatic when he called me the following Monday night. He called asking for “help” on his reimbursement form, but somehow the conversation turned and resulted in a date to Reynolds Coliseum the next Sunday. We started dating on New Year’s Eve!

The Proposal ::

On November 24, 2012, it was Andrew’s Senior Day as Mr. Wuf at Carter-Finley Stadium. NC State versus Boston College. There were so many people there to support Andrew on his senior day; little did I know they were also there to witness a HUGE surprise! All week long, Andrew had been telling me that our families would have the opportunity to go on the field after the game to take pictures. After the game, my family and I met with his family. Andrew’s mother, Kathy, gave me a credential to get on the field. Still totally oblivious to what was taking place, I said, “I thought we all got to go on the field!” She smiled and said, “No, I could only get one credential and he wants to see you.” As I made my way on to the field, “Cruise” by Florida Georgia Line, began to play over the speakers at the stadium. I walked towards the 50-yard line to meet him halfway. Ms. Wuf skipped up to me and gave me a huge hug, and I could see the smile on Andrew’s face from a mile away! At this point, I was getting a tad bit curious! Andrew and I met at the 50; he gave me a huge hug, and led me over to the 25-yard line where the ACC bar logo was painted on the field. He simply held my hands, smiled, and asked me what brought us together. I said, “ACC”, and from there I knew he was about to propose! He told me he would always take care of me, provide for me, and love me for me always. When he asked me to marry him, I said, “YES!” wholeheartedly and with a joyful spirit.

June 18, 2013 ::

June 18, 2013. One month after Andrew was promoted at work. One month after I graduated from college. One week after we registered for our wedding gifts. On June 18, Andrew and I discovered we were expecting identical twins. To say that we were shocked and frightened is quite an understatement! For the past several months of our engagement, Andrew and I both were so deep in making plans for our wedding, careers, preparing for the commitment of becoming husband and wife, and anxiously awaiting marriage. While new life– and especially two new precious lives– are an incredible blessing, I struggled with the news of being a mother to two. I mean, didn’t God know that Andrew and I had spent lots of time carefully crafting these plans for our lives? (This is when I refer to myself in third person– and say, “Mary Kate. Stop being ridiculous!”) Through the blessing of God’s unconditional love and abundant mercy, my mindset began to see this “life interruption” as a divine intervention. One day in the midst of my self-imposed pity party, I got the feeling God was asking me a question. Was I going to be a whiner, a complainer, a grumbler, someone who wanted everybody to feel sorry for her the rest of her life even when there was really nothing to feel sorry for me about? Was this going to become my pattern for how I handled things that didn’t go my way? Was this the kind of person my future husband and future family would have to live with? Or was I going to yield to what God was calling me to do–not just physically with this pregnancy but also in my attitude, my mind, my heart, my spirit? Was I going to surrender myself completely to Him? Was I going to embrace His plans for Andrew and I? The answer my friends is YES– because I have a LOT to thank God for. As much as I may not have planned to take on the responsibility of two newborn babies– not right at this moment, at least, I really didn’t want the responsibility of becoming a person who thinks she knows more than God does.

Whenever we discovered we were expecting identical twins, we didn’t mentally prepare ourselves for the type of twins I was carrying. On July 3, we were informed by my physician that we were expecting mono-amniotic twins. Often referred to as “mono-mono” twins, this particular set of identical twins are classified as 1% of all twin pregnancies. Has your jaw dropped yet? These tiny miracles occur in every 1 out of 60,000 pregnancies! Andrew and I were blown away initially with news of twins, but to be carrying such a rare type of twins is more than a divine intervention- these two babies growing inside of me are a miracle from God.

Andrew and I were married on August 10. Our wedding was simple and beautiful, and we are so thankful for the efforts of family and friends to make our day so special. As newlyweds and expecting parents, we are relying on God’s strength to provide discernment and guidance as we embrace upon an incredible journey together. As the mother to two beautiful children of God, I pray to become the mother He has called me to be. Our two miracles are blessings sent from above, no matter the timeline. We would love for you to stick around with us as our story grows, and join with us in the blessing of this simply divine intervention.

This video is dedicated to our girls. Amelia and Leah, we are so honored that God gave us the two of you. Our beautiful daughters, we are so thankful for the journey we all took together in the NICU and the journey we are allowed to travel every day with you as your parents. We will love you always!

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