Welcome to the Wonderful World that is known as being parents to TWINS! This page is a resource for all the mothers that know how to balance two of everything (children, car seats, bottles, toys, etc.) and the fathers that lose their minds when Mama has a night out. I hope this little space helps you!


As you may have learned on our prematurity page, Andrew and I are twice blessed to be the parents of identical twins! We have learned so much since we discovered we were expecting not one, but two. I hope that the resources below will help you along in your journey with twins!

The Simply Divine Blog– Resources

Do We Really Need Two of Everything?

Online — Resources
Mom’s of Multiples Clubs

I am a member of the local Mom’s of Multiples group, and it has been a wonderful resource for me these past nine months. It is helpful to learn from other “MoM’s” that have been there and can provide insight into each different stage of parenting. One major benefit is being able to consign at the semi-annual sales, and shop early! This link above will help you find the local club in your area.

Twin Pregnancy and Beyond

Book — Resources

Disclaimer: The books listed above were bought, browsed, and referred to on an as-needed basis. They were bought with every intention to be read, but they were not read word for word. What has been read has been very helpful! Better luck to you, and happy reading!

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Twins
Secrets of the Baby Whisperer
The Happiest Baby on the Block
When You’re Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads

Blog — Resources

The blogs listed below are fellow twin moms! I have learned so much from each of them since November, and I am so happy that I’ve had the opportunity in getting to know them through blogging and sharing pictures via Instagram. You should follow along in their twin adventures, too!
Twin Talk Blog :: I love this blog! Twin Moms, Meredith and Amber, created this space just for parents of twins! Join in on the twin conversation (and fun giveaways!)

Three Little Crowns
Mommy’s Me Time
The Poley’s
In This Wonderful Life
Walk With Me By Faith
Life with the Mione Twins
A Work in Progress
3 Ladies and their Gent
Hosman Party of Four
Twenty Little Toes
Keeping Up with the Schultz’s
The Sassy Salmon

If you have any more questions about twins you can contact me here! Thanks for stopping by!

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